The Strata Property Act (1998), as well as a strata corporations’ rules and bylaws, guide the overall operation and function of strata corporations in BC, including when a strata council needs to seek approvals from the homeowners at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM).

It is best to carefully review your strata corporation's bylaws and rules with your strata council to determine the process and steps required to install, operate and maintain a charger in accordance with the rules and bylaws. Some potential considerations include:

  • whether a rule or bylaw is needed to charge a user fee for electric vehicle charging (and if strata councils can charge provisional user fees prior to approval)
  • if alterations to common property are needed to accommodate the charger installation
  • permanently re-allocating parking stall use, access, or ownership (this may not be required for all parking situations or temporary allocations)
  • if strata funds can be used to pay for any part of the charging installation.
  • whether bylaws need to be added or amended to allow charging (and if strata councils can make temporary rules to allow for EV charging)

Plug in BC’s website contains some sample Strata Bylaw Templates for EV Charging:

Plug In BC

It is recommended that you contact a strata lawyer.

 See Tools & Resources for link to strata lawyers

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