Now it is time to make a formal request to your strata council in writing. Ideally, you will also attend one or more council meetings to further represent and explain your request. Your strata council may have little knowledge about electric vehicle charging so it may help to provide them with basic information and the benefits of charging in your building. It may take time for your strata council to consider their options. Be patient. This could take several months depending on your situation.

Submit a request in writing and in person

Your request should detail:

The charging options

Most members of your strata council may have limited knowledge about electric vehicles and charging. Provide them with the information they need to understand the charging options and your specific request. Keep in mind that it is possible that only a small amount of electrical work may be required to accommodate Level 1 charging, while Level 2 charging may be more involved.

 Read more about your charging options.

Suggested charger location

Depending on your building’s situation, you may suggest that a charger be installed in your own parking stall (if near an outlet or the electrical room) or another location (another homeowner’s stall or visitor’s parking). The strata council can then assess if charging is feasible in that location and what steps need to be taken to approve the installation.

Suggested Cost Recovery Mechanism

Strata councils will also want to recover costs for providing vehicle charging. There are several options to consider.

 Learn about your options

Information on potential charging equipment and installation costs

Do your research. Electricians and suppliers of chargers or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) suppliers can help you assess your options and can provide you with cost estimate.

 Learn about chargers and installation costs.

Continue to engage your strata council and provide further details

Engage your strata council and property managers by:

Addressing your strata council’s concerns and questions

Address your strata council’s questions and concerns by providing information and sharing resources. You might also connect your strata council with other strata councils that have had success with electric vehicle charging.

Connecting your strata with contractors that are knowledgeable about charging

Electrical contractors and electric vehicle charger suppliers are great resources. They can help your strata assess if your building can accommodate charging, they can recommend charger types, and they can provide costs estimates. They can also make suggestions for how your building can better manage its electricity use.

Next Step

Step 3: Get Approval and make an agreement