You will need approval from your strata council before installing a charger. In some situations, you might also need approval from other homeowners. Once your request is approved, you will also need to work with your strata council to clearly detail the terms of installation, ownership and use. Be as specific as possible to avoid complications in the future. You should contact a lawyer who specializes in strata law to help you draft and formalize the agreement.

Get approval

You will need to get approval from:

The strata council

Once the strata council has reviewed your request they will vote to approve or reject it. They will also let you know if you need approval from homeowners at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM).

Owners at AGM or SGM, if required

Your strata bylaws and rules will specify when homeowner approval is needed. Work with your strata council to inform homeowners before the AGM. You may want to highlight how electric vehicle charging could benefit them.

Approvals may be required under the BC Strata Property Act.

Put an agreement in writing

Some potential areas to consider when drafting the agreement include:

Ownership of the charger (only for Level 2 chargers)

This will determine what happens to a charger when a homeowner moves. Charger ownership may also be influenced by the legal designation of the parking stall so it is best to carefully review your strata’s documents and rules. If you own the charger, you should contact your insurance provider about coverage

Manage charger installation

Identify who will be responsible for finding a certified and knowledgeable electrician for the installation. If you have a building manager, they can help facilitate access to the building with your contractor.

Pay for charger and installation costs

Formalize the terms of payment for the charger and the installation costs, especially if costs are to be shared between parties.

Manage and pay for charger maintenance

The maintenance of a charger is likely to be minimal once it is installed. However, it is best to specify who will be responsible for the upkeep and protection of the charger. There may also be network fees associated with chargers designed for use by multiple electric vehicle drivers.

Learn more about these chargers.

Recover electricity costs

Work with your strata council to develop a system for recovering electricity costs. Be specific. Include the amount, frequency and method for payment. There are several options to consider.

Learn more about your options. 

Plug in BC’s website contains an example of a User Agreement for EV Charging

Plug in BC

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