Kyle’s needs and building situation

Kyle lives in a mid-rise building in Victoria that is split between apartment and hotel usage. Kyle did not own an electrical vehicle at the time he made his request to strata, but was considering buying one in two years and believed that Level 2 would be the best option due to its faster charging speed. Kyle’s requested the installation of two chargers with shared access for homeowners and hotel guests in the hotel lot, which he noted would also benefit hotel guests.

Working with his strata

When Kyle first approached his strata about charging, he learned that there was some interest from the hotel to install charging in the hotel parking lot. Kyle worked very closely with his strata manager to provide all the necessary information to the hotel board and strata council, including the building’s electrical capacity, suitable charging locations, charging equipment and suppliers, installation costs, and electricity use payment solutions. Throughout this process Kyle met with the strata council and hotel board twice to review material and address concerns. The hotel’s biggest concern was the cost of installing the charger as they were covering the full cost. However, these concerns were alleviated when Kyle explained that the BC government was offering substantial incentives for charger installations, bringing total costs down from $13,000 to $4000. Because the chargers were installed in the hotel parking lot, approval at the AGM was not needed. The process took about eight months (from Kyle’s initial request to the installation).  



    Charging needs and building situation

    Existing bylaws/rules for charging: None.

    Charger Level: Non-networked Level 2 (208V 40A, and 208V 60A)

    Number of electric vehicles with charging access: 2

    Access: Shared access in visitor parking

    Building type: Mid-rise

    Year of construction: 1990

    Parking type: Underground garage with residential and hotel guest access

    Charger Installation

    Building alterations: Some building modifications were needed to connect the chargers to the electrical room via the elevator shaft.

    Cost: Approximately $4,000 after government rebates (originally $13,000)

    Charging Agreement

    Payment for electricity consumption: None. Currently covered by hotel.

    Charger ownership: Hotel

    Insurance and Maintenance: Hotel

    Management of the installation: Homeowner and building manager

    Bylaw or rule changes: Pending, once user fees are implemented.



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