Bob’s needs and building situation

Bob owns a two bedroom apartment in a 27-story building in Metro Vancouver. Bob wanted to buy a Tesla Model S. He determined that he would be happy with a Level 1 charger for his daily use. Bob found an existing outlet within 30 feet of his parking stall, and he consulted an electrician to learn that it would cost $150 to extend this outlet to his stall. Bob was willing to pay for the full cost of the electrical work as well as his ongoing electricity use.

Working with his strata

Bob was his own “champion” because he was president of the strata council. Before submitting a written request to his strata council, he informally informed his fellow council members of his charging needs. He provided background information on electric vehicles and charging, including how the strata could benefit from charger installations. Bob’s request explained his need for a Level 1 charger, and his willingness to pay the cost of installation. Bob’s strata council supported his request and determined that Bob would pay a monthly user fee of $20. The strata then brought Bob’s request to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) due to the required changes in the Strata’s bylaws (permitting use of common outlets and collecting a user fee). The homeowners voted to approve these changes at the AGM. Bob’s strata also developed a plan to accommodate future requests for Level 2 charging. Bob attributes his success to his strata being open-minded and due to his active engagement with the strata.



    Charging needs and building situation

    Existing bylaws/rules for charging: None. This was the first request

    Charger Level: Level 1 (12 amp/120v outlet)

    Number of electric vehicles with charging access: 1

    Access: Exclusive access in electric vehicle owner’s parking stall

    Building type: High-rise

    Year of construction: 1994

    Parking type: Secure underground gated garage

    Charger Installation

    Building alterations: Simple electrical work to extend the outlet to owner's parking stall

    Cost: Approximately $300 (to extend common area outlet to owner’s parking stall)

    Charging Agreement

    Payment for electricity consumption: Flat user fee of $20/month (based on estimated consumption)

    Charger ownership: Outlet is common property of the strata

    Maintenance: Strata

    Management of the installation: Homeowner and building manager

    Bylaw or rule changes: A bylaw change was put forward owners at an AGM to permit use of common electricity for electric vehicle charging and to allow for payment for this use.



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