Implementation of Bylaw 1303


Phased-in Bylaw Requirements

Future phased measures promote cleaner wood-burning practices and technologies, and more stringent requirements in more densely populated areas will help reduce exposure to harmful smoke. 

From September 2022, users who reside in Metro Vancouver’s Urban Containment Boundary will be required to register their appliance with Metro Vancouver. To qualify for registration, the appliance must meet performance standards to ensure emissions are low. From September 2025 (2032 for the Village of Lions Bay), unregistered appliances will not be allowed to operate, except during emergencies, or if it is being operated within a low-income household.

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  • Do I have to remove an existing fireplace or woodstove from my home?

    Removing an existing fireplace or woodstove is not required under the bylaw. Anyone who chooses to replace an old uncertified wood-burning appliance with a new low emission appliance can apply for a rebate through Metro Vancouver’s wood stove exchange program. Information about the rebates, appliance eligibility, and the process for applying can be found on Metro Vancouver's wood stove exchange program web page.

  • Should all wood-burning appliances be registered with Metro Vancouver?

    From September 15, 2022, eligible appliances in urban areas, such as those that meet emissions criteria, provide the sole source of heat in a home, or use only manufactured firelogs, must be registered with Metro Vancouver through a free online registration system.

    For more information about emissions standards, see Schedule A of the bylaw.

  • When can I register my appliance?

    Metro Vancouver is currently developing a new online registration system. We will share information on our website and through social media when the system is ready for you to use. Click here to be notified once the system is live. Residential Wood Smoke mailing list

  • Why do I need to declare compliance with best burning practices?

    Using best burning practices is a requirement of the bylaw that took effect in March 2020 and will reduce wood smoke emissions. By September 15, 2022, all users of wood-burning appliances in the region must submit a declaration of compliance with best burning practices to Metro Vancouver. The declaration confirms that a resident has read the best burning practices and agrees to operate their wood-burning appliances in compliance with these practices.

    The best burning practices declaration must be renewed every 3 years for homes within the Urban Containment Boundary.

  • How will compliance with the bylaw be monitored and enforced?

    Bylaws can be phased in to allow time for people to understand the requirements and prepare before certain requirements take effect. In these early stages, education is the most effective and efficient means of achieving compliance. Enforcement action may progress to warnings, which could be verbal or written, with guidance on how to comply. If non-compliance continues and depending on the severity of the situation, stronger deterrents such as issuing a Notice of Bylaw Violation or Municipal Tickets with fines ranging from $100 to $500 may be considered.

  • Will there be education programs to support the new bylaw?

    Metro Vancouver will be raising awareness about the new bylaw and the impacts of wood smoke emissions on public health. These requirements come into force in incremental steps over several years. Initially, promoting compliance with the bylaw will focus on education and outreach about the new requirements and ways to reduce wood smoke emissions through platforms including Metro Vancouver’s webpage, social media, and wood heat workshops at various locations across the region.

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  • Do I have to register twice if I own two wood-burning appliances?

    Yes. You must register each eligible appliance that is being operated within a residence that is located in the Urban Containment Boundary by September 15, 2022.

  • Do I have to register wood-burning appliances in outbuildings or accessory buildings?

    Yes. If your property is within the Urban Containment Boundary, wood-burning appliances used in accessory buildings on a residential property, such as workshops, must be registered.

  • Who can I contact if I have concerns about emissions from a wood-burning appliance?

    You can report any concerns about emissions from residential wood smoke with Metro Vancouver by calling the complaint line at 604-436-6777, or using an online web form. Metro Vancouver records the details you provide and protects personal information as required under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The officer assigned to follow up on your complaint may call you for additional information, if you have agreed to that.

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