Facility Licensing

Licences are required for all privately operated disposal facilities, transfer stations, material recovery facilities, storage facilities and certain brokers and composters of municipal solid waste and recyclable material within Metro Vancouver.

How to Apply

Submit your application and fee to the
Solid Waste Manager
Metro Vancouver, Parks & Environment Department
4515 Central Boulevard, Burnaby, BC, V5H 0C6

Brokering Facility Licence

For a facility that receives, cleans, sorts, bales or packages material for the purpose of recycling, where the residue does not exceed 10% by weight or volume of the material received.

Composting Facility Licence

For composting facilities where municipal solid waste is composted on a commercial basis.

Storage Facility Licence

For facilities where solid waste or recyclable material is stored with no evidence that the material will be recycled in the near future.

Transfer Station or Material Recovery

Facility Licence For facilities at which solid waste is received for subsequent transport.

Site Plan Template

Use this template to submit your facility site plan.

Request to transfer a Licence

Download, complete and submit a transfer form.