Fraser Surrey Docks Permit Application

Project Details

Fraser Surrey Docks LP (FSD) is located on Port Metro Vancouver property located along the Fraser River in the City of Surrey. FSD plans to construct a coal export facility on this property which would involve unloading coal from bottom dump rail cars and conveying it directly to ocean going vessels.

In 2013, FSD submitted an application for a Waste Discharge Permit (under Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District Sewer Use Bylaw No. 299, 2007, as amended) for the discharge of treated wastewater associated with the proposed coal facility to the Annacis Wastewater Treatment Plant. The applicant identified the sources of wastewater as dust mitigation processes, equipment wash down, and storm water runoff from the controlled coal handling area. A final application was submitted in April 2016.

Metro Vancouver’s Sewage Control Manager issued a liquid waste discharge permit to Fraser Surrey Docks on September 6, 2016 in relation to their proposed coal transfer facility.


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Waste Discharge Permit Application

Documents Received

Application Review

The proposed discharge represents less than 0.1% of the total discharge to the Annacis Island Waste Water Treatment Plant. Information considered included effluent characterization studies done by the applicant as well as independent testing conducted by Metro Vancouver. Over 3800 submissions from the public and agencies were also considered.

Metro Vancouver staff evaluate applications based on technical merit and in accordance with Metro Vancouver bylaws and the BC Environmental Management Act.

Decisions related to the issuance of a Waste Discharge Permit must meet the purpose of GVS&DD Bylaw No. 299, including:

  1. Protecting the Sewers and Sewage Facilities from damage and promoting the efficient and cost-effective operation of the Sewers and Sewage facilities,
  2. Promoting biosolids quality,
  3. Protecting human health and safety (as it relates to the Sewers, Sewage Facilities and ultimate discharge of treated effluent),
  4. Assisting the District’s efforts to remain in compliance with laws and regulatory instruments to which it is subject, and
  5. Protecting the environment.


As a result of the review of all information available, it was determined that the discharge of FSD effluent to the GVS&DD sewer in accordance with permit conditions was consistent with the purposes of the bylaw.

Consequently, the GVS&DD Sewage Control Manager issued Waste Discharge Permit No. SC-100890-FSA to Fraser Surrey Docks LP on September 6, 2016.

A copy of the permit can be downloaded here:

This permit may be appealed by persons aggrieved by this decision in accordance with Part 8 of the provincial Environmental Management Act. Written notices of appeal must be received by the Environmental Appeal Board within thirty (30) days of notification of this decision (

If you have any questions regarding this permit, please contact Grant McGillivray at or 604-432-6200.