• *Recent Expansion of the Non-Road Diesel Engine Emission Regulation

  • Are machines used for agricultural operations exempt from the regulation?

  • Are there any exemptions to the regulation?

  • My diesel powered machine has a licence plate that allows travel on public roads. Is the machine still considered as a non-road machine?

  • What are the key requirements of the regulation?

  • What is a Non-Road Diesel Engine?

  • Who does the regulation apply to?

  • Why do we need non-road diesel engine regulation?


  • How do I enter hours for my Low-Use Operating Period?

  • How do I register my engine?

  • How do I renew an engine operating period?

  • What are grey market engines?

  • What are my operating period options?

  • What are the penalties for non-compliance?

  • What happens if I cancel my operating period?

  • What if I can’t find my engine serial number?

  • What information is required for registration?

  • Who is responsible to ensure that contractors and sub-contractors working on my site are in compliance with the Non-Road Diesel Engine Emissions Regulation Bylaw 1161?


  • How do I label my machine?

  • How do I obtain my labels?

  • How do I obtain replacement registration labels?

  • I haven’t received my labels in the mail. What do I do?

 Engine Tiers

  • How do I determine my engine Tier?

  • What is an engine emission label?

  • What is an Engine Tier?


  • What are the opacity restrictions of the regulation?

  • What is opacity?


  • What are the idling restrictions of the regulation?

  • Why do we need to stop unnecessary idling?

 Fees & Payments

  • Can I reduce or eliminate fees?

  • How do I calculate the cost for the various operating periods?

  • How does the quarterly payment option work?

  • How much are the fees and what are my operating period options?

  • What are my operating period payment options?

  • What are the fee break even points for the operating period options?

  • What does Metro Vancouver do with the fees collected for this program?

  • What is an engine surcharge fee?

 Emissions Reduction Measures (ERM)

  • Is biodiesel considered an ERM?

  • What is an ERM?

 Engine Retirement

  • How do I retire an engine?

 Health Effects

  • What are the health effects of diesel particulate matter?


  • How do I get more information?

  • Where is Metro Vancouver?


  • How do I file a complaint?