What To Do After We Inspect

​If a Notice of Violation letter is received after a compliance inspection by Metro Vancouver, here are the next steps to take:

  • Any questions about the letter please call your assigned Officer and he/she will help you.
  • If you don’t know which fixtures are connected to grease interceptor, call a plumber or other service provider to trace pipes back to the grease interceptor.  This is best done with the grease interceptor empty.
  • If a grease interceptor needs to be installed, replaced or fixtures need to be connected, call a plumber or other service provider. Grease interceptors must be selected according to our Approved Grease Interceptor Selection Methodology. The service provider can provide advice on how to configure your specific solution.
  • If the grease interceptor contained greater than 25% FOG and solids, you must have it pumped out and cleaned immediately, then provide us with the documentation from your service provider.
  • You may be required to clean out your grease interceptor more frequently until a new grease interceptor can be installed.  The letter will specify a minimum frequency.
  • Complete any required action by the due date specified.  If there is a delay in meeting a due date, please inform your assigned Officer immediately.
  • If you or your service provider has questions regarding the Bylaw, please call 604-432-6200.
  • If you would like Metro Vancouver to review your plans for installation of a grease interceptor, replacement of grease interceptor or connecting fixtures to a grease interceptor please fill in the form:
  • Grease Interceptor Installation Plan – Request for Review