Sani-Dump Bylaw

Sani-Dump Bylaw

In May 2021, Metro Vancouver adopted Sani-dump Bylaw No. 346, which promotes the safe operations of sani-dump facilities in the region. A sani-dump is any facility that is used or may be used for the discharge of recreational vehicle (RV) waste to a sewer.

The bylaw supports Metro Vancouver staff and sani-dump operators to prevent hazardous or harmful materials from being discharged into sani-dump facilities. These discharges have always been prohibited under Metro Vancouver’s Sewer Use Bylaw No. 299, and continue to be. The Sani-dump Bylaw makes it more clear what is permitted for discharge at a sani-dump and will allow Metro Vancouver to address misuse of closed sani-dumps.

The bylaw:

  • Supports sani-dump operators to prevent misuse of their facilities
  • Provides added support for safe operations
  • Helps prevents costly maintenance needs

Registration and Fees

The bylaw requires existing sani-dump owners and operators with facilities receiving RV waste to register with Metro Vancouver by November 28, 2021 and comply with the bylaw. After November 28, 2021, new sani‑dump facilities must register 30 days prior to receipt of RV waste. Owners and operators who register their facilities before November 28, 2021 do not have to pay the $100 registration fee.

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Main Bylaw Requirements

The bylaw requires sani-dump owners / operators in the Metro Vancouver region to:

  1. only accept and discharge RV waste (sewage from on-board facilities for vehicle passengers)
  2. not accept, discharge or allow or cause to be discharged to a sani-dump facility any waste from a trucked liquid waste hauling truck. This includes (but is not limited to) wastes from:
    • portable toilets
    • septic tanks
    • holding tanks
    • sludge
    • non-domestic trucked liquid waste
  3. keep all equipment and facilities maintained and in good repair so as to prevent discharges of waste other than RV waste
  4. post signage for proper procedures for discharge to prevent discharges of waste other than RV waste
  5. post signage advising that only RV waste may be discharged at a sani-dump
  6. promptly report to Metro Vancouver all suspected or observed discharges to a sani-dump, sewer or sewage facility of waste other than RV waste
  7. provide access to the sani-dump for inspection by Metro Vancouver
  8. if the owner or operator intends to close the sani-dump, notify Metro Vancouver and upon closure of the sani-dump, remove the posted proof of registration

Educational Materials

Metro Vancouver is preparing educational materials and signage to support owners and operators in meeting their requirements under the new bylaw and to help them prevent misuse of their facilities. Metro Vancouver staff will contact sani-dump owners and operators to arrange the delivery of these materials during summer 2021.