GFL Delta Organics Facility (formerly Enviro-Smart)

Metro Vancouver issued air quality permit GVA1090 to GFL Delta Organics (fomerly Enviro-smart Organics), in Ladner, on August 1, 2018. This permit was the subject of an appeal hearing in front of a BC Environmental Appeal Board panel which released a decision on March 12, 2021.

More information about the original permit and the EAB decision can be found under "Related Links".

The permit required that GFL fully enclose their composting facility in order to reduce odour impacts on the community. While numbers have decreased since the enclosed facility was commissioned in late 2020, Metro Vancouver continues to receive complaints about the facility. Complaints are most useful when they include the time and location the odour was observed and an informative description of the odour and its impact on the complainant.

The first two charts are updated every business day.

# of Complaints Naming GFL/Enviro-smart as Suspect - Monthly Totals


Metro Vancouver sends all complaints to GFL, in an anonymized format. We also send anonymized complaints to Fraser Health when the daily threshold of ten complaints is exceeded (indicated by the red line in the chart below).

# of Complaints naming GFL/Enviro-Smart as Suspect Daily Totals


Annual Complaints to Metro Vancouver by Suspect