Open Burning Equipment Rental and Purchase Information

Various types of equipment are available and should be considered to eliminate the need to burn or reduce air emissions from open burning. A few are listed below with suppliers that rent or sell such equipment. The lists below are not exhaustive.

Wood Chippers

Wood Chippers are the preferred alternative to burning wood waste as they reduce pollution and create a useable product for composting, mulch, soil conditioning, erosion control, and landscaping. Unwanted wood chips may be accepted at one of the various Metro Vancouver Licensed Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Facilities. They are available for rent from the following companies for approximately $150 to $500 per day or $600 to $2,500 per week.

Smaller Scale Chippers

Brush Fans

Brush Fans are small, portable fans with high flow rate or CFM (cubic feet per minute) that can be used to increase the amount of air fuelling the fire resulting in more complete combustion and fewer emissions. They are available for rent in Metro Vancouver from the following companies for approximately $40 to $100 per day or $120 to $400 per week.

Air Curtain Burners

Air Curtain Burners are portable or stationary combustion devices that promote clean burning by recirculating combustion emissions so that a secondary burn of the emissions occurs. Additional information on air burners can be found at: They are available for rent or purchase from the following vendors. Second-hand models are sometimes available at Ritchie Bro’s Auctioneer.

This information is provided to assist businesses reduce emissions due to open burning of land-clearing debris or agricultural waste. Metro Vancouver does not endorse any of the companies listed above. If you are a vendor of equipment listed above and would like to have your name and website included in the tables above, please email with your information.