Apply for a Permit

Under Air Quality Management Bylaw No. 1082, we use a permitting system to manage the nature and quantity of air emissions from large industrial and commercial emitters of air contaminants. 

In addition, Air Quality Management Fees Regulation Bylaw No. 1083 details the calculation of fees payable by permit holders.

Apply for a permit or amendment

Download, complete and submit an application form. Applications for new permits or approvals and significant amendments should be submitted at least one year in advance to allow for review, consultation and public notification. Simple amendments that don't involve emission points (such as name changes) can be applied for by letter with the appropriate documentation attached, and will be processed more quickly. 

IMPORTANT: Only submit those forms that are relevant to your facility.

If you intend to submit a dispersion model to support your application, please submit a modelling plan for approval with your preliminary application prior to running the model.  

Information about Metro Vancouver dispersion modelling reviews

Request to transfer a permit

Download, complete and submit a transfer form.

Apply for an Open Burning Approval

Download, complete and submit an open burning application.

Please note that Bylaw 1082 s.6 states that “subject to s.7, no person may dispose of waste by incineration or burning”. This section applies to private residences as well as other sources.  Fines for violating this section start at $1000 per incident. 

Open Burning Equipment Rental and Purchase Information

​​Current Permits & Approvals

Note: Reports required in the following permits may be available subject to Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation. For more information, please contact

collapse Municipality : Burnaby ‎(11)
0472 Beaver Electrical Permit Amendment- Issued May 18 20055/18/2005Beaver Electrical Machinery Ltd.
1189 - Corix Utilities Inc - Approval Issued June 11 20216/14/2021Corix Utilities Inc
0113 General Chemical Canada Ltd7/25/1994General Chemical Canada Ltd.
0056 Haida Forest Products Ltd Permit- Issued November 16 199211/16/1992Haida Forest Products Ltd.
0572 - Hal Industries Inc Permit Amendment Issued June 25 20216/28/2021Hal Industries
1038 Mitchell Press Limited Permit Amended- Issued November 6 201311/6/2013Mitchell Press Ltd.
0117 - Parkland Refining (B.C.) Ltd. Permit Amendment - Issued January 27 20212/1/2021Parkland Refining (B.C.) Ltd.
0379 Petro-Canada Permit Amendment- Issued November 6 200911/6/2009Petro-Canada
0261 Shell Canada Limited Permit Amendment- Issued March 29, 20123/29/2012Shell Canada Products
0262 Shell Canada Products Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued March 9 19933/9/1993Shell Canada Products
0137 - Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc - Air Permit Amendment Issued November 30 199211/30/1992Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc.
collapse Municipality : Coquitlam ‎(6)
1145_All_Roads_Construction_Ltd-Air_Quality_Management_Permit-issued_2020-12-2312/23/2020All Roads Construction Ltd.
0451_FortisBC_Energy_Vancouver_Island_Inc_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2011-07-077/7/2011FortisBC Energy (Vancouver Island) Inc.
1059 Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District Permit- Issued September 15, 20119/15/2011GVS&DD
0167 Jack Cewe Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued May 28 20045/28/2004Jack Cewe Ltd.
0058 Lafarge Canada Inc. (dba Columbia Bitulithic) Permit Amendment- Issued November 5 201011/5/2010Lafarge Canada Inc. (dba Columbia Bitulithic)
0063 Stella Jones Inc3/15/1993Stella Jones Inc.
collapse Municipality : Delta ‎(32)
1199 - Atlas Roofing Corporation of Canada Permit Issued May 14 20215/17/2021Atlas Roofing Corporation of Canada
0614 - Avcorp Industries Inc Permit Amendment Issued June 25 20216/28/2021Avcorp Industries Inc., Aerostructures Division
0237 A-Z Sponge and Foam Products Ltd. Permit- Issued November 30 199211/30/1992A-Z Sponge & Foam Products Ltd
0624 - B.A. Blacktop Limited - Air Quality Permit Amendment 2019-09-259/25/2019B.A. Blacktop Limited
0346 Canada Colors and Chemicals Ltd2/10/2012Canada Colors & Chemicals Ltd.
1027 Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. Permit- Issued November 27 200611/27/2006Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd.
0333_Canadian_Autoparts_Toyota_Inc._Permit_Amendment_Issued-2018-03-153/15/2018Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc.
0082 Certainteed Gypsum Canada Permit Amended- Issued February 27 20142/27/2014Certainteed Gypsum Canada Inc.
0051_CIPA_Lumber_Co_Ltd_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2015-10-1310/13/2015CIPA Lumber Co. Ltd.
0277 Clean Harbours Canada Inc. Permit Amendment- Issued November 25 200211/25/2002Clean Harbors Canada, Inc.
0015 Coastland Wood Industries Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued January 26 20071/26/2007Coastland Wood Industries Ltd.
0236_Davis_Wire_Industries_Ltd_-_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2010-01-011/1/2010Davis Wire Industries Ltd.
0121 Delta Cedar Products Ltd7/28/2008Delta Cedar Products Ltd.
1104 - FortisBC Energy Inc. Permit Amendment Issued April 08 20214/8/2021FortisBC Energy Inc.
1090 - GFL Environmental Inc. Permit Amended 2019-05-315/31/2019GFL Environmental Inc.
1204 GFL Environmental Inc. Approval Issued Feburary 08 20212/9/2021GFL Environmental Inc.
1066_-_Houweling_Nurseries_Ltd._-_AQ_Permit_Amendment_-_1066_-_Issued-2020-01-061/6/2020Houweling Nurseries Ltd.
0307 Inteplast Bags and Films Corp4/30/2007Inteplast Bags and Films Corporation
0424-Interfor_Corporation_Permit_Amendment-Issued-2015-11-2511/25/2015Interfor Corporation
1074_-_Intertape_Polymer_Permit_Issued_2015-03-063/6/2015Intertape Polymer Inc.
0554 Kemira Chemicals Canada Inc8/7/2003Kemira Chemicals Canada Inc.
0175_Lehigh_Hanson_Materials_-_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2010-01-011/1/2010Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited
1178 -Plasti-Fab Ltd Permit Issued - 2020-10-0210/5/2020Plasti-Fab Ltd.
0133 R. P. Richmond Industrial Contractors Ltd10/8/1993R. P. Richmond Industrial Contractors Ltd
0512_Revolution_Environmental_Solutions_Acquisition_GP_Inc-dba-Terrapure_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2015-03-313/31/2015Revolution Environmental Solutions Acquisition GP Inc. dba Terrapure
1067_Seabreeze_Farm_Permit_Issued_2014-10-2810/28/2014Seabreeze Farm Ltd.
1056 Silver City Galvanizing Inc7/29/2011Silver City Galvanizing Inc.
1096 Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc. Permit - Issued July 8 20207/8/2020Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc.
0550 Transcontinental Printing 2005 G. P12/14/2009Transcontinental Printing 2005 G.P.
1006_VF_Clean_Energy_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2015-02-192/19/2015VF Clean Energy Inc.
0153 Westshore Terminals Ltd. Partnership Permit Amendment- Issued December 7 200512/7/2005Westshore Terminals Limited Partnership
0278 Weyerhaeuser Permit Amended- Issued March 22 20133/22/2013Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
collapse Municipality : Langley City ‎(2)
0440 CKF Inc1/1/2010CKF Incorporated
0445 IPEX Inc8/22/2008IPEX INC.
collapse Municipality : Langley Township ‎(10)
0454 Britco Pork Inc9/30/2002Britco Pork Inc.
0432 Chemical Lime Company of Canada Permit Amendment- Issued May 28 20045/28/2004Chemical Lime Company of Canada Inc.
1026 Lafarge Canada Inc. (dba Columbia Bitulithic) Permit Amendment- Issued November 5 201011/5/2010Lafarge Canada Inc. (dba Columbia Bitulithic)
0443 McAsphalt Industries Limited - Permit Amendment Issued 2017-02-282/28/2017McAsphalt Industries Limited
0435 Otter Farm and Home Co-op7/18/1997Otter Farm & Home Co-Operative
0496 Pacific Fermentation Industries Ltd1/1/2010Pacific Fermentation Industries Ltd.
0558_Pacific_Mako_Permit_Amended_ 2016-07-267/26/2016Pacific Mako (A Div. of Pacific Bronze Ltd.)
0447 Premier Millwork Inc6/2/1995Premier Millwork Inc.
0444 Serpentine Cedar Ltd10/18/1996Serpentine Cedar Ltd.
0505 Unifirst Canada Ltd12/11/1992Unifirst Canada Ltd.
collapse Municipality : Maple Ridge ‎(8)
1042 - B.A. Blacktop Limited - Air Quality Permit Amendment 2019-09-259/25/2019B.A. Blacktop Limited
0582 B. W. Creative Wood Industries Ltd7/25/1997B.W. Creative Wood Industries Ltd.
0589 International Forest Products Ltd11/2/2010International Forest Products Limited
0592_Kay-Dee_Forest_Products_Ltd_dba_Valley_Kiln_and_Pattern_Ltd_-_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2014-12-0212/2/2014Kay-Dee Forest Products Ltd. (dba Valley Kiln and Pattern Ltd.)
0598 Pacific Coast Cedar Products Ltd. Permit- Issued May 23 20035/23/2003Pacific Coast Cedar Products Ltd.
0585 Premium Cedar Products Ltd5/23/2003Premium Cedar Products Ltd.
0596 Waldun Forest Products Ltd. and Twin Rivers Cedar Products Ltd. Permit- Issued May 23 20035/23/2003Waldun Forest Products Ltd. and Twin Rivers Cedar Products Ltd.
0579 Western Drum Recyclers Ltd8/31/2006Western Drum Recyclers Ltd.
collapse Municipality : New Westminster ‎(5)
1179-Bosa_Development_(Pier_West_Holdings)_Ltd_-_Air_Quality_Approval_-_Issued_2020-04-204/20/2020Bosa Development (Pier West Holdings) Ltd.
0290 CalPortland Canada Ltd9/4/2009CalPortland Canada Ltd.
0034 Kruger Products LP Permit Amendment- Issued November 19 201211/19/2012Kruger Products Limited Partnership
0508 Nikolai Manufacturing Inc6/1/1993Nikolai Manufacturing Inc.
0078 Winvan Paving Ltd Permit Amendment- Issued May 28 20045/28/2004Winvan Paving Ltd.
collapse Municipality : North Van/West Van ‎(1)
0254 - Revolution ORS Acquisition GP Inc dba Terrapure Permit Amended 2018-05-115/11/2018Revolution ORS Acquisition GP Inc. dba Terrapure
collapse Municipality : North Vancouver City ‎(4)
0618 Cargill Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued September 20 20109/20/2010Cargill Ltd.
1080 - G3 Terminal Vancouver Limited Partnership - Air Quality Permit Issued - 2019-05-315/31/2019G3 Terminal Vancouver Limited Partnership
0081-Neptune-Bulk-Terminals-Permit-Amendment-Issued-2016-09-239/23/2016Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd.
0617 - Richardson International Limited - Air Quality Permit Amendment Issued 2018-01-18 with EAB decision from 2021-06-046/18/2021Richardson International Limited
collapse Municipality : North Vancouver District ‎(7)
0242 B. A. Blacktop Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued August 30 20078/30/2007B.A. Blacktop Limited
0010-Chemtrade_Electrochem_Inc-AQ-Amendment-Permit-Issued-2017-09-159/15/2017Chemtrade Electrochem Inc.
0248 Fibreco Export Inc. Permit Amendment - Issued July 10 20207/13/2020Fibreco Export Inc.
0188 McKenzie Barge and Marine Ways Ltd. Permit- Issued November 9 199211/9/1992McKenzie Barge & Marine Ways Ltd.
0086 - PKM Canada Marine Terminal Limited Partnership - Air Quality Permit Issued 2020-06-036/3/2020PKM Canada Marine Terminal Limited
0007 - Superior Plus LP - Air Quality Permit Amendment Issued 2019-03-063/6/2019Superior Plus LP
0425 Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd8/10/2006Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd.
collapse Municipality : Port Coquitlam ‎(1)
1183 - Lucava Farms Inc. Permit Issued March 03 20213/4/2021Lucava Farms Inc.
collapse Municipality : Port Moody ‎(5)
0060 Flavelle Sawmill Company Ltd5/23/2003Flavelle Sawmill Company Ltd.
0294-Imperial-Oil-Limited-Amended-Permit-Issued2016-12-2012/20/2016Imperial Oil Ltd.
0205 - Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd. - Permit Amendment issued 2017-05-175/17/2017Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd.
0200 Petro-Canada Products Permit Amendment- Issued May 12, 20065/12/2006Petro-Canada
0004 Reichhold Industries Limited Permit Amendment- Issued February 15 20122/15/2012Reichhold Limited
collapse Municipality : Richmond ‎(26)
0341 ACR Group Inc12/13/2010ACR Group Inc.
0413 Acuren Group Inc1/1/2010Acuren Group Inc.
0426 Air Canada Permit Amendment- Issued September 23 20059/23/2005Air Canada
1048 Cafe Classics Permit- Issued January 24 20121/24/2012Cafe Classics
0389 Canterbury Coffee Corp9/3/1993Canterbury Coffee Corporation
0064 - Cascades Canada ULC dba Cascades Containerboard Packaging Permit Amendment Issued June 25 20216/28/2021Cascades Canada ULC
0036-Crown-Corrugated-Permit-Amended-2015-12-0212/2/2015Crown Corrugated Company
0322 Ebco Industries Ltd2/13/2007Ebco Industries Ltd.
1009 Ebco Metal Finishing L. P. Permit Amendment- Issued February 3 20092/3/2019Ebco Metal Finishing L.P.
0149_Flexstar_Packaging_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2015-08-068/6/2015Flexstar Packaging Inc.
1088 Harvest Fraser Richmond Organics Ltd Sign Consent Order and Schedule A Permit Document 2018-09-259/25/2018Harvest Fraser Richmond Organics Ltd dba Harvest
0500 H-S Tools and Parts Inc11/9/1992H-S Tool and Parts Inc.
1192 Kirkland Island Waterfowl Society Richmond Open Burn Approval Issued 2020-10-3010/30/2020Kirkland Island Water Fowl Society
0154 - Lafarge Canada Inc. - Permit Amendment issued 2019-06-206/20/2019Lafarge Canada Inc.
0097 Lafarge Canada Inc11/5/2010Lafarge Canada Inc. (dba Columbia Bitulithic)
0142 Metalex Products Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued July 21 19957/21/1995Metalex Products Ltd.
1055 Microb Resources Inc2/14/2011Microb Resources Inc. [dba Salt Spring Coffee Co]
0485 Montalco Cabinets Ltd11/30/1992Montalco Cabinets Ltd.
0032_Richmond_Plywood_-_Permit_amendment_Issued_2014-10-3110/31/2014Richmond Plywood Corporation Ltd.
0003 Richmond Steel Recycling Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued September 30 20119/30/2011Richmond Steel Recycling Ltd
0528 Ropate Equipment Refinishers Ltd2/1/1994Ropate Equipment Refinishers Ltd.
0371 Technic Inc7/22/1994Technic Inc.
0102 Terminal Forest Products Ltd. Permit Amended- Issued November 16 201211/16/2012Terminal Forest Products Ltd.
0184 Tree Island Industries Permit Amendment- Issued February 11 20102/11/2010Tree Island Industries Ltd.
0404 Trident Millwork and Display Industries Ltd7/29/1994Trident Millwork & Display Industries Ltd.
0178 Univar Canada Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued November 19 20047/30/1995Univar Canada Ltd.
collapse Municipality : Surrey ‎(22)
1064 Astrographic Industries Ltd8/7/2013Astrographic Industries Ltd.
0253 Bel Par Industries Ltd. Permit- Issued November 30 199211/30/1992Bel-Par Industries Ltd.
0363 - British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority - Permit Amended 2019-12-2012/20/2019British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
0239 Century Pacific Foundry Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued April 5 20074/5/2007Century Pacific Foundry Ltd.
0174_Cloverdale_Paint_Inc_-_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2010-01-011/1/2010Cloverdale Paint Inc.
1093 Ebco Metal Finishing L.P. Permit Amendment - Issued July 3 20207/3/2020Ebco Metal Finishing L.P.
1177 - Ewos Canada Ltd - Permit - Issued Nov 27 202011/30/2020Ewos Canada Ltd.
0340 Hal Industries Inc11/30/1992Hal Industries
0197 Highland Foundry Ltd. Permit Amendment -Issued May 28 20063/28/2006Highland Foundry Ltd.
0394 Hudson, Mitchell and Sons Lumber Inc8/23/2006Hudson, Mitchell & Sons Lumber Inc.
0311 Imasco Minerals Inc10/5/2005Imasco Minerals Inc.
0549_McAllister_Industries_Ltd_Permit_Amendment_Issued_2016-08-268/26/2016McAllister Industries Ltd.
0574-Metrie_Canada_Ltd-Permit-Amendment-Issued-2015-06-176/17/2015Metrie Canada Ltd.
0607 Mostad Publications Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued February 21 19972/21/1997Mostad Publications Ltd.
0543_National_Silicates_Partnership_Amendment_issued_01March20163/1/2016National Silicates Ltd.
0460 Precision Heat Treat Ltd1/19/2012Precision Heat Treat Ltd.
0107 Robar Industries Ltd5/28/1999Robar Industries Ltd.
1071_Schnitzer_Steel_Canada_Ltd._-_Air_Quality_Permit_Issued_2017-06-016/1/2017Schnitzer Steel Canada Ltd
0269 - Teal-Jones Group Ltd. - Air Quality Permit Amendment Issued 2019-08-028/2/2019Teal-Jones Group Ltd.
0161 Thompson Foundry Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued January 1 20011/1/2001Thompson Foundry Ltd.
1081 Weir Canada Permit Amendment Issued 2018-02-152/15/2018Weir Canada Inc.
0273 Western Cleanwood Preservers Permit Amendment- Issued June 30 19946/30/1994Western Cleanwood Preservers Ltd.
collapse Municipality : Vancouver ‎(17)
0619 Alliance Grain Terminal Ltd. Permit Amendment- Issued Jul 9 20077/9/2007Alliance Grain Terminal Ltd.
0621 City of Vancouver Permit Amendment- Issued October 26 200710/26/2007City of Vancouver
0380 Columbia Containers - AQ Permit Amendment Issued 2019-03-143/14/2019Columbia Containers Ltd.
1085 CORE Energy Recovery Solutions Inc. Permit Amendment Issued 2018-10-2510/25/2018CORE Energy Recovery Solutions Inc.
1041-Creative_Energy_Vancouver_Platforms_Inc-Permit-Amendment-Issued-2015-08-188/18/2015Creative Energy Vancouver Platforms Inc.
1051 - Ethical Bean Coffee Company - Air Quality Amended Permit Issued 2019-10-0710/7/2019Ethical Bean Coffee Company
0481 Forintek Corp3/11/1994Forintek Canada Corp.
1011 Hallmark Poultry Processors Ltd. Permit- Issued November 10 200411/10/2004Hallmark Poultry Processors Ltd.
0083 Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Permit Amendment- Issued November 28 200311/28/2003Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Ltd Partnership
0571_Lantic_Inc._Permit_Amendment_Issued_2016-04-284/28/2016Lantic Inc.
0176 Molson Canada 2005 Permit Amendment- Issued November 30 201011/30/2010Molson Canada 2005
0370 Nutreco Canada Inc9/4/2008Nutreco Canada Inc.
1047 University of British Columbia Permit Amendment Issued August 12 20138/12/2013University of British Columbia
1043 Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Permit- Issued January 1 20101/1/2010Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
0615 - Viterra Inc. (Cascadia) - Air Quality Amendment Permit Issued 2019-02-142/14/2019Viterra Inc. (Cascadia)
0616_Viterra_Pacific_Amended_March_24_20163/24/2016Viterra Inc. (Pacific)
0141 West Coast Reduction Signed Consent Order and Schedule A Permit Document - 2017-06-056/5/2017West Coast Reduction Ltd.