Apply for a Permit

Under Air Quality Management Bylaw No. 1082, we use a permitting system to manage the nature and quantity of air emissions from large industrial and commercial emitters of air contaminants. 

In addition, Air Quality Management Fees Regulation Bylaw No. 1330 details the calculation of fees payable by permit holders.

Apply for a permit or amendment

Download, complete and submit an application form. Applications for new permits or approvals and significant amendments should be submitted at least one year in advance to allow for review, consultation and public notification. Simple amendments that don't involve emission points (such as name changes) can be applied for by letter with the appropriate documentation attached, and will be processed more quickly. 

IMPORTANT: Only submit those forms that are relevant to your facility.

If you intend to submit a dispersion model to support your application, please submit a modelling plan for approval with your preliminary application prior to running the model.  

Information about Metro Vancouver dispersion modelling reviews

Request to transfer a permit

Download, complete and submit a transfer form.

Apply for an Open Burning Approval

Download, complete and submit an open burning application.

Please note that Bylaw 1082 s.6 states that “subject to s.7, no person may dispose of waste by incineration or burning”. This section applies to private residences as well as other sources.  Fines for violating this section start at $1000 per incident. 

Open Burning Equipment Rental and Purchase Information

​​Current Permits & Approvals

Note: Reports required in the following permits may be available subject to Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation. For more information, please contact

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