Make An Air Quality Complaint
Starting September 15, 2022, before you use a residential indoor wood-burning stove, fireplace, or appliance in the Metro Vancouver region you must provide a declaration to follow best burning practices. Eligible appliances located within the Urban Containment Boundary, must also be registered. Learn more

To complain about odour, dust or other air contaminant you can:

  • call the complaint line 604-436-6777

 use our online Complaint Form

​Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • your contact information
  • suspected source of emissions
  • description of emissions and how they are affecting you

If you request it, you will get a call back within one working day. We may also call you to get more information.

Who should I contact?

Metro Vancouver manages outdoor air quality and odour complaints in Metro Vancouver. Other air quality complaints should be directed to the appropriate authority.


Outdoor air quality and odour complaints in Metro Vancouver  Metro Vancouver: 604-436-6777
Outdoor air quality complaints outside Metro Vancouver

BC Ministry of Environment

For immediate health or environmental concerns call: 1-877-952-7277

General outdoor air quality information enquiries  
Smoking vehicles (trucks and buses) 1-888-775-8785
Backyard burning complaints your local fire department
Workplace indoor air quality Work Safe BC: 604-276-3100
Indoor air quality health concerns your local health authority