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Grouse Grind 

Grouse Grind Trail is now under full winter closure

Grouse Grind

The Grouse Grind Trail is located in North Vancouver, B.C., at the base of the Grouse Mountain Resort ski area. It is an extremely steep and mountainous trail that begins at the 300-metre-elevation and climbs to 1,100 metres over a distance of approximately 2.9 kilometres.

Hiking times vary considerably depending on each hiker's individual fitness level. The Grouse Grind hike is difficult and those planning on climbing the trail should be in excellent physical condition. Those individuals with any health concerns including high blood pressure, heart and breathing problems are warned not to attempt to hike the trail. Hikers should always be personally prepared before setting out on the Grouse Grind. As a minimum, you should leave a hiking plan with a friend, never hike alone, and carry adequate water, food, warm clothing and a cell phone.

Ensure that you leave yourself enough time to complete your hike before the onset of darkness. Hiking the Grouse Grind Trail in darkness can be extremely hazardous and results in many lost hikers each season.

The Grouse Grind Trail is not patrolled.

Weather and trail conditions are extremely variable along the trail route. Often the springlike conditions along the lower sections of the trail can give way to heavy snow and freezing temperatures at the upper elevations. A full winter closure typically takes place in November of each season and lasts until snowmelt sometime in the late spring.

Infrequent, short-term closures can be expected throughout the hiking season during heavy and prolonged periods of rainfall. These conditions can increase the potential for debris flows along the lower reaches of the trail. A decision to close the trail is based on an assessment of accumulated rainfall and up to date weather forecasts.

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Trail Use Reminders:

  • No littering, pack out what you pack in.
  • Downhill hiking is not permitted due to rock fall concerns, trail damage and congestion issues on narrow sections of the trail. 
  • Dogs are not permitted on the Grouse Grind due to similar issues as downhill hiking as well as potential conflicts with wildlife.
  • There are no toilet facilities on the Grouse Grind trail.


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