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Regional Parks PodcastPodwalk - Common Shrubs @ Burnaby Lake Regional Park

Self-guided podwalk about local foliage and plant species at Burnaby Lake Regional Park.
Learn about the diverse species of shrubs at Burnaby Lake Regional Park.

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Burnaby Lake Regional Park Podwalk

Self-guided podwalk including bird identification at Piper Spit
With a placid lake and marshy shores, Burnaby Lake Regional Park is one of the most pleasant spots in the Metro Vancouver to observe birds, canoe, kayak or have a picnic.

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Burnaby Lake Winter Waterfowl

Resident and wintering birds at Burnaby Lake Regional Park
Winter is a great time to see birds. Burnaby Lake Regional Park is a winter destination to many species of migratory birds. Learn about and see beautiful birds on this guided walk.

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Metro Vancouver PodcastsSummer Visions Tap Water PSAs

Metro Vancouver tap water public service announcements by the Summer Visions Film Institute for Youth.
Summer Visions strives to create a unique and inspired atmosphere where youth are guided to tell important and interesting stories while exploring the medium of video.

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Metro Vancouver Recycles

Easily find reuse, recycling and safe disposal opportunities in Metro Vancouver. searchs over 1,300 local businesses to find the closest places to donate, recycle or safely dispose of your stuff.

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Since 2002, Metro Vancouver has formally put the concept of sustainability at the centre of its operating and planning philosophy and committed itself to be a leader in the attempt to make the region one which is explicitly committed to a sustainable future. This comprehensive endeavour has become known as the  Sustainable Region Initiative, or more familiarly as ‘the SRI’.

"When we committed ourselves to the Sustainable Region Initiative back in 2001, we knew it was the right thing to do. And we knew we had to be committed to action, not just ideas, if we were to make a real difference. But, how to proceed, that we did not know. So we resolved, as an organization, to learn by doing. And that is what we continue to do. This is our latest ’report card’. I think we can take it home".

Johnny Carline
Commissioner/CAO, Metro Vancouver, 2008