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Emergency Management 
Electoral Area A Emergency Response
Each municipality within Metro Vancouver is responsible for their own Emergency Management and Response, if you live in an incorporated municipality contact them directly for information.
Metro Vancouver is responsible under Provincial legislation for emergency planning and response in Electoral Area A. Specific emergency services provided by Metro Vancouver are:
  • Incident Command/Coordination at the emergency site as needed;
  • Central coordination through our Emergency Operations Centre;
  • Liaison with Provincial and other Local Authorities;
  • Coordinating Disaster Financial Assistance applications;
  • Wildland Fire Suppression in concert with BC Forest Service;
  • Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner; and
  • Emergency Social Services to ensure the welfare of residents who may be displaced.

All of Metro Vancouver, including Electoral Area A, is served by EComm 911


Managing Emergencies in the UBC area

On the UBC Campus, University Neighbourhoods, Endowment Lands, and Pacific Spirit Park, residents can expect full Police, Fire and Ambulance services, enhanced by UBC Security and Regional Park Patrollers, to respond to any emergency situation.

Residents should be aware that these areas are not part of the City of Vancouver, they are an unincorporated area known as Electoral Area A of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

If an emergency situation is serious, Metro Vancouver is informed and may establish a command structure to effectively manage the situation as required by Provincial laws.

The Emergency Program Act is superior to all other Provincial Legislation or local Bylaws because it alone authorizes civil liberties to be suspended in an emergency. The Local Authority Regulations under the Act govern how Metro Vancouver must Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from an emergency.

We have conducted a Hazard Analysis and developed an Emergency Plan that covers all portions of Electoral Area A, it defines our response to specific emergencies and provides a framekwork for overall response. The Emergency Plan for Electoral Area A was adopted by the Board in May 2007 and affirms our continued commitment to the health and safety of all residents of the region.

Emergency Notification System

Metro Vancouver has introduced a computer based system to assist in notifying Rural Electoral Area residents of emergencies. It is private, secure and hosted locally at Metro Vancouver. The system is designed to send a voice, text and email message to residents in the event of an emergency that may affect them. Only those who request participation will be notified. The target residents are people who reside in all parts of the electoral area, other than UEL and UBC, as these areas are generally covered by a system that is operated by UBC. The system will only be used for emergencies or other urgent communications and an annual test, no “spam” type messages will be sent.

This service is NOT available to residents in an incorporated municipality, please contact your municipal emergency office for details on what services are offered in your area.

If you would like to be added to the emergency notification system please send an email to with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Physical Address (Street Address or Lot #)
  • Community Name (Strachan Point, Passage Island, Barnston Island, etc)
  • Home Contact Phone Number
  • Office Contact Phone Number (if desired)
  • Cellular/Pager number (if desired)
  • Up to 2 Email addresses (if desired)
  • Text message address (if desired)

For more information on emergency management contact the Emergency Coordinator, further contact information to the right of the Resources tab.

Regional Emergency Planning

IPREM is an intergovernmental entity working to improve emergency management at all levels of government in Metro Vancouver. It was established in 2009 with full support from local, regional and provincial governments. IPREM’s role is to facilitate multi-sector cooperation between private and public organizations involved in emergency management.

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Safety, Security and Emergency Management Duty Officer
Emergencies Only
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Security & Emergency Coordinator
Rod Tulett
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