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Metro Vancouver is updating the 2016 Regional Parks Plan. This plan guides Metro Vancouver’s work to protect natural areas and to provide opportunities for people to connect with nature. The updated plan will ensure that we address climate change, social equity, and the health and well-being of residents. The plan also seeks to continue exploring pathways to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. The updated plan will guide delivery of the Regional Parks service.

 Draft Regional Parks Plan 2021

About the Proposed Updates

The draft Regional Parks Plan update expands the number of goals from two to five to capture a fuller range of priorities in the plan’s goals. In addition, there are 16 strategies and over 60 proposed actions to support these goals.

New Proposed Goals

Goal 1

Goal 1: The region’s important natural areas are protected in perpetuity

Goal 2

Goal 2: Everyone has the opportunity to benefit from exceptional experiences in nature

Goal 3

Goal 3: Regional parks are sustainably managed and well-maintained to manage the safety of visitors and integrity of ecosystems

Goal 4

Goal 4: First Nations have an active role in the planning and stewardship of regional parks

Goal 5

Goal 5: Regional parks adapt to change and contribute to regional resiliency

Read the draft Regional Parks Plan summary that highlights the goals, strategies, and actions.

Public Engagement

Metro Vancouver is committed to engaging with the public, stakeholders and other governments, including First Nations, and incorporating their feedback into the Regional Parks Plan.

On January 28, 2022 the Metro Vancouver Regional District Board endorsed the draft Regional Parks Plan for the purpose of engagement and feedback, and authorized staff to proceed with the public engagement process.

Public engagement period: February 14 – April 20, 2022

The public engagement period has closed. Thanks to those of you who provided comments about the draft plan’s proposed goals, strategies, and actions to support our efforts around climate change, equity, and health.

Your feedback will be considered in revising the draft Regional Parks Plan before we submit it to the Metro Vancouver Board for final adoption in summer 2022 along with the results from the engagement phase.

This is the first phase of a one phase engagement for this project.

  • Metro Vancouver hosted webinars on March 2 and 3, 2022 to hear ideas and answer questions.
      View the webinar presentation.
  • Metro Vancouver used social media, print ads, newsletters and existing networks to promote the opportunity to comment.
  • Feedback was encouraged through an online feedback form and direct email to the project team.

Project Documents

 Report to the Metro Vancouver Board: Regional Parks Plan Update – Draft Plan and Proposed Engagement Process Report dated December 8, 2021

 Engagement Plan for the Draft Regional Parks Plan

If you have any questions, please contact the project team at




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