Parksfest Parksfest <div class="ExternalClass014B359B1FB24B7485FD116C2EA49583"> <p>On November 1, over 160 people participated in Metro Vancouver’s 14<sup>th</sup> annual fall Parksfest where volunteers were thanked and recognized for their efforts. The program included eight informative plenary workshops ranging from learning how to co-exist with coyotes to utilizing social media, and beekeeping in urban landscapes. Dr. John Innes, Dean of Forestry at the University of BC, delivered the keynote presentation describing the intimate connections between forests and our health. </p> <p>So far in 2014, Metro Vancouver’s partnership and stewardship programs have resulted in volunteers giving over 16,000 hours of their time on projects including habitat enhancement, monitoring natural resources, and hosting and participating in public events and programs. Their efforts have resulted in the planting of over 2,000 native species and removal of over 23 tonnes of invasive plants that out-compete native plants for space and resources like water and sunlight.</p> <p>Thank you to the Pacific Parklands Foundation for their support in making this year’s Parksfest a great success. </p></div>|#235a6d6c-f602-454f-bc90-1d7ca0adff96;L0|#0235a6d6c-f602-454f-bc90-1d7ca0adff96|Issue 4;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass4F1074313D944A4AA6C3DEBF7D3A5F72"> <p>Parksfest is one of the ways for volunteers to come together to network, share experiences, and learn new skills and information about our regional parks and ecology. Over 2,000 volunteers contribute thousands of hours to Metro Vancouver’s partnership program volunteering on specific projects and as members of park partner groups and associations. </p></div>