Palisade Lake Weather Station bolsteredPalisade Lake Weather Station bolstered<div class="ExternalClassE4797D8F0A95437A94BC26CDEBCCF37F"><p>​The Palisade Lake Weather Station, which has been providing crucial information to Metro Vancouver's Water Services for 25 years, has been given a much needed makeover, following a major upgrade last fall.  </p><p>The alpine weather station is part of an extensive network of automated weather stations within the region's watersheds, which include five valley-bottom stations and three in the remote alpine. These stations provide valuable information - rainfall, temperature, wind speed, humidity, and snowpack data – all of which aid Water Services in its operational decision-making.</p><p>The Palisade Lake Weather Station, in place since 1993, also monitors alpine lake level data for dam safety and provides critical lake level information for summer water supply planning. The station, which experienced snow damage in 2016, was replaced last September as part of an upgrade program to the weather station network that started in 2012.</p><p>The upgrade was led by Water Services Watershed Protection crews, with support from Hydrological Environmental Consulting. </p><p>The improved station includes a new engineered design to withstand the significant impacts of deep snow, as well as safety upgrades to meet current WorkSafeBC fall protection regulations for workers.  The new design will also require less maintenance and is expected to provide a longer service life than the previous structures. </p></div>|#1e5e1af1-1a34-40e8-9b98-1effccdab47f;L0|#01e5e1af1-1a34-40e8-9b98-1effccdab47f|Issue 39;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass43A4CEE8E093403A982E2A2AC53F9741"><p>​The Palisade Lake Weather Station, part of an extensive network of automated weather stations within the region’s watersheds, has been given a much needed makeover.</p></div>0Palisade Lake Weather Station during decommissioning