WelcomeWelcome2017-11-30T08:00:00ZGP0|#5c5e82e4-401f-43a6-8f66-b0acc99b3d56;L0|#05c5e82e4-401f-43a6-8f66-b0acc99b3d56|Issue 37;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass86B1D21598BB4B94AB42FA7A223AB313"><p>‚ÄčIt's been a busy fall as we head into the festive season. We wrapped up our Zero Waste Conference, which featured astronaut Cady Coleman, while we also spotlighted our resident bat colony at Deas Island Regional Park, wrapped up restorations at Cleveland Dam and launched consultations on our efforts to clear the air in terms of residential wood burning and autobody refinishing shops.</p><p>We've also bumped up measures at our Waste-to-Energy plant to ensure people aren't dumping recyclables and other banned items in the trash by installing high-tech cameras to help boost the number of inspections, and have started plans to update our Northwest Langley Wastewater Treatment Plant. </p><p>And as we wind down our board meetings, we're ramping up our annual Christmas campaign so remember: Create Memories Not Garbage this season.</p><p>¬†</p><p><em>Metro Vancouver is a federation of 21 municipalities, one Electoral Area and one Treaty First Nation that collaboratively plans for and delivers regional-scale services. Its core services are drinking water, wastewater treatment and solid waste management. Metro Vancouver also regulates air quality, plans for urban growth, manages a regional parks system and provides affordable housing.</em></p></div>0