NEW videos and recent releasesNEW videos and recent releases<div class="ExternalClass3C45436C578D4264BABA189D9B0BC2BA"><p>Metro Vancouver’s multimedia team produces new videos highlighting a range of regional projects and activities. Below is just a short selection; you can find all the videos in Metro Vancouver’ <a href="/media-room/video-gallery/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">Video Gallery</a>. </p><table cellpadding="5"><tbody><tr><td width="110"><img src="/media-room/video-gallery/TSRVideoImages/Surrey-PARKit.jpg" alt="" /></td><td><p><strong>Surrey Spot Pop-Up Park</strong><br>This summer, check out the pop-up park near Surrey Central SkyTrain station created by student designers in UBC's Landscape Architecture program. It's the winning entry of a design contest in the City of Surrey's PARKit Program. PARKit is about transforming parts of parking lots and underutilized areas into temporary pop-up parks. <a href="/media-room/video-gallery/metro-vancouver-close-up/217908285" target="_blank">Watch the video</a>.</p></td></tr><tr><td><img src="/media-room/video-gallery/TSRVideoImages/grow-green.jpg" alt="" /></td><td><p><strong>Grow Green Guide to Eco-friendly Lawns and Gardens</strong><br>We showcase Metro Vancouver’s online Grow Green Guide to eco-friendly lawns and gardens and learn how the plants, designs and plans it features for planters and containers were chosen in association with the experts at the UBC Botanical Garden. <a href="/media-room/video-gallery/issues/217862139" target="_blank">Watch the video</a>.</p></td></tr><tr><td><img src="/media-room/video-gallery/TSRVideoImages/barnston-pump.jpg" alt="" /></td><td><p><strong>Barnston Maple Ridge Pump Station Officially Opens</strong><br>After almost three years of construction, Metro Vancouver’s new Barnston/Maple Ridge water pumping station officially opened June 15, 2016. One of the largest in BC, the Pump Station uses six 1000 horsepower pumps to move over 350 million litres of water per day serving Maple Ridge, Langley and Surrey. <a href="/media-room/video-gallery/issues/219177274" target="_blank">Watch the video</a>.</p></td></tr><tr><td><img src="/media-room/video-gallery/TSRVideoImages/capilano-breakhead-concert.jpg" alt="" /></td><td><p><strong>Capilano Breakhead Tank Musical Concert Performance</strong><br>For more than 10 years, Metro Vancouver video-documented the construction process of one of the largest water infrastructure projects in the world. As the project neared completion an unusual collaboration formed to take advantage of the acoustics in the underground Capilano Breakhead tank where the Red Shift Music Society performed an experimental composition in October 2014. <a href="/media-room/video-gallery/issues/219176570" target="_blank">Watch the video</a>.</p></td></tr><tr><td><img src="/media-room/video-gallery/TSRVideoImages/Mountain-View-Cemetery.jpg" alt="" /> </td><td><p><strong>Greening of Mountain View Cemetery</strong><br>Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery has added several ecological improvements such as no-mow zones, pollinator meadows, trees and beehives. <a href="/media-room/video-gallery/metro-vancouver-close-up/219176236" target="_blank">Watch the video</a>.</p></td></tr></tbody></table></div>|#2d395db4-59c2-4bcd-8cf3-118afd214b4e;L0|#02d395db4-59c2-4bcd-8cf3-118afd214b4e|Issue 23;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass4D6B28F7F3A74C7D801B85E4B0BD96FB"><p>​We produce an ongoing selection of compact, informative videos, all shareable on social media, about the place we all call home. Check out the latest, and don't forget to tell your friends. </p></div>0