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TransLink conducts a regional trip diary survey every 5 years. It is the most comprehensive source of information on overall travel patterns in the region.

The most recent Trip Diary is based on 2017 data from 28,000 households, equating to approximately 56,000 people and 230,000 trips.
Metro 2040 vision
Metro 2040 aims to encourage trips by multiple-occupancy vehicles, transit, cycling, and walking.

's Mode Share (2017)

Note: Data for some of the smaller municipalities within Metro Vancouver, including Anmore, Belcarra, Lions Bay, Bowen Island, and the Electoral Area are not available due to data reliability. These areas can be explored in aggregate by clicking “Explore the Data” and are labelled “Small Municipalities”.
On Track
In compared to the 2011 Trip Diary, the 2017 Trip Diary shows a clear shift from motorized trips to walking. Trips by automobile driver decreased from 59% to 55%, while walking trips increased from 10% to 14%.


Auto Driver

of trips were private vehicle based in 2017

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Auto Driver

of trips were private vehicle based in 2011

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Other resources

2017 Trip Diary Survey Data Visualization Tool for the Metro Vancouver Region (TransLink)

The research and analysis are based on data from TransLink and the opinions expressed do not represent the views of TransLink.

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