Vehicle Kilometres Travelled key summary measure

Using TransLink Regional Trip Diary data for average auto driver trip length, we can estimate the daily vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) of Metro Vancouver residents. These values can be normalized using total population counts to further estimate weekday VKT per capita. VKT estimates are based only on Auto Driver trips where the trip distance could be calculated.
Metro 2040 vision
Decreased travel distances by car indicate improved travel options and possibly a decrease in fossil fuel use, while shorter commutes indicate improved employment distribution.

2011 Total Daily VKT by Auto Drivers

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2017 Total Daily VKT by Auto Drivers

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2017 Trip Diary Survey Data Visualization Tool for the Metro Vancouver Region (TransLink)

The research and analysis are based on data from TransLink and the opinions expressed do not represent the views of TransLink.

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In compared to the 2011 Trip Diary, the 2017 Trip Diary shows a decrease in average trip length by auto driver, from an average 11km per trip to 10.2 km per trip.

Average Trip Length by Mode


Trip Length by Purpose


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