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Metro 2040 supports a diverse economy through compact land use development patterns. The region’s economy is anchored by the activities of major institutions (e.g. Port of Vancouver, Vancouver International Airport, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Emily Carr University) and a network of small and medium enterprises specializing in high-tech; finance, insurance, and real estate; film and television; and, tourism. Institutional, office, and retail activities have been key to the successful development of Urban Centres across the region.

In 2016, there were 1.28 million jobs in the region (1.1 million jobs were in a fixed location, and 170,000 jobs had no fixed location).
Metro 2040 vision
Diverse and balanced economic activities help facilitate complete communities and reduce long commutes to work

Metro Vancouver

1.28 Million


Jobs were in a Fixed Location


Jobs were at Home


Jobs had No Fixed Location

Between 2006* and 2016, the region grew by 179,500 jobs.

2016 Jobs by Industry Sector
Metro Vancouver

*Sectors are categorized by the industry that employs the worker and may employ various occupations, such as a mining company with an accountant on staff.

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