Agricultural Land Use key performance measure

Metro Vancouver monitors the status of agricultural land, including the amount of actively farmed land, with the objective of promoting agricultural viability and food production in collaboration with the province and the Agricultural Land Commission.

The 2010/2011 Agriculture Land Use Inventory – the first comprehensive inventory of agricultural land in the region – confirmed that 50% of the region’s Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) was farmed (30,447 hectares), with the remaining split evenly between lands with potential for farming and lands unavailable for farming.
Metro 2040 vision
Increase the amount of actively farmed land – lands that are farmed or lands that contribute to agricultural production, but exclude unused/unmaintained fields and buildings.

​30,447 hectares

of Metro Vancouver's Agricultural Land Reserve was actively farmed


Farmed - Actively farmed land plus areas that support farming (e.g. farm buildings and roads).

Potential for Farming - Land that does not have any significant topographical, physical or existing land use constraints (natural, semi-natural, managed vegetations or non-built/bare areas).

Unavailable for Farming - Land that has an existing incompatible non-farm use (e.g. parks, golf courses, residential use); land with site limitations (e.g. drainage or topography); or unavailable land not surveyed (e.g. rights-of-way).

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Waiting for data
Data available upon completion of Agricultural Land Use Inventory in 2019.