Sensitive Ecosystems in 2018 key performance measure

The Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory (SEI) identifies and maps regional ecosystems to support the use of ecological data in decision making. Sensitive Ecosystems are ecologically fragile, rare, or at-risk and include wetlands, older forests and woodlands. The SEI also includes Modified Ecosystems that have ecological value and importance to biodiversity, such young forests. The condition, landscape context, and size of each ecosystem is evaluated to provide an overall quality rating. The first SEI was released in 2013 based on 2009 imagery. This is the first GIS inventory of ecologically significant lands for the region. In 2018, an update was released based on 2014 imagery.
Metro 2040 vision
To protect, enhance and restore ecologically important systems, features and corridors.

The regional core is the more urbanized southern part of the region and excludes the large parks and estuaries under Provincial management, watersheds and other higher elevation areas.

Left: Mapped Sensitive and Modified Ecosystems. For more information, please see the Update of the Metro Vancouver Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory (SEI).

Right: Map of Region and Regional Core.

The 2018 Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory progress report was released in May 2018. Overall, the total loss of sensitive and modified ecosystems over 5 years (2009 - 2014) was 1640 hectares (ha) (0.9%) for the region, and 1190 ha (3.4%) within the regional core.

Loss of Total Sensitive and Modified Ecosystems in from 2009 to 2014


Loss of Sensitive and Modified Ecosystems in from 2009 to 2014


Loss of Sensitive and Modified Ecosystems in Regional Core from 2009 to 2014


Losses for the 5-year period were highest for mature forest, young forest, old field, wetlands, and riparian ecosystems.

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