Climate Change Projections context measure

This measure provides regional climate change projections as context for anticipated impacts across the region. A full list of climate change indicators and more information about the data and potential impacts can be found in Climate Change Projections for Metro Vancouver (2016).
Metro 2040 vision
Metro 2040 encourages land use and transportation planning that improve the ability to withstand climate change. Climate change projections provide context for planning.

Daytime High Temperature


Snowpack Depth
(April 1st Watershed Average)


(Seasonal Total)

It is anticipated that Metro Vancouver will have warmer temperatures in all seasons, wetter winters, drier summers, and a significant decrease in snowpack year-round.


increase in average annual daytime temperature by 2080s


decrease in average April 1st watershed snowpack by 2080s


increase in average winter precipitation by 2080s


decrease in average summer precipitation by 2080s

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