Metro 2040 Dashboards



Direct growth and development to make it easier for residents to get to, from and around the region for their jobs and daily needs.



Travel by CyclingTravel by Cycling<div class="ExternalClass769DBAE606C245ABA00A7F0BBA231DC8"><p>in 2017</p></div>, Learn more128,000On trackdaily trips
Travel by WalkingTravel by Walking<div class="ExternalClass3965D2E595E94B50BFF7614053952F48"><p>in 2017</p></div>, Learn more1,103,000On trackdaily trips
Travel by TransitTravel by Transit<div class="ExternalClassFA3F849097CD465EA90D1811AD640F06"><p>in 2017</p></div>, Learn more923,000Observingdaily trips
Travel by Auto PassengerTravel by Auto Passenger<div class="ExternalClassB78F312160B14E5FB6D9B617FE589F56"><p>in 2017</p></div>, Learn more1,315,000On trackdaily trips
Travel by Auto DriverTravel by Auto Driver<div class="ExternalClass4F5B9A5E537340E2B401046BBAFCF6EE"><p>in 2017</p></div>, Learn more4,379,000On trackdaily trips
Frequent Transit AccessibilityFrequent Transit Accessibility<div class="ExternalClassC4F6A35C0A4146FA9AB8126B1A11C309"><p>lived within walking distance of frequent transit in 2011</p></div>, Learn more55%Observingof residents
Daily Vehicle Kilometres Travelled per CapitaDaily Vehicle Kilometres Travelled per Capita<div class="ExternalClassD9E98554CBB743E8AB3B5514CF4B4446"><p>for City of Vancouver in 2017</p> </div>, Learn more10.7Observingdaily VKT per capita

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