Metro 2040 Dashboards


Make sure growth and development happens in the right places to use our limited land base efficiently while protecting important lands for future generations.



PopulationPopulationin 2016, Learn more2,512,000Waiting for Dataresidents
EmploymentEmploymentin 2015, Learn more1,266,600Waiting for Datajobs
HousingHousingin 2016, Learn more970,000Waiting for Datadwelling units
Contain SprawlContain Sprawlis within Urban Containment Boundary, Learn more99%On trackof growth
Urban CentresUrban Centresin the region in 2018, Learn more26Waiting for DataUrban Centres
Frequent Transit Development Areas (FTDAs)Frequent Transit Development Areas (FTDAs)in the region 2018, Learn more16On trackFTDAs
Growth in Centres Growth in Centres was in Urban Centres in 2016, Learn more39%On trackof growth
Population in Centres & FTDAsPopulation in Centres & FTDAsin Urban Centres and FTDAs in 2011, Learn more488,125On trackresidents
Growth on Rural LandsGrowth on Rural Landsin Rural designation in 2015, Learn more0.6%On trackdwelling units
Housing on Rural LandsHousing on Rural Landsin Rural designation in 2015, Learn more6,065On trackdwelling units
Remaining Urban LandsRemaining Urban LandsRemain for development in 2017, Learn more10%Waiting for Dataof General Urban lands
Remaining Urban AbsorbedRemaining Urban Absorbedof remaining urban lands have been absorbed since 2011, Learn more411On trackhectares