Municipal Housing Actions participation measure

This measure monitors adoption and implementation of housing action plans. Adopting a housing action plan indicates the commitment of a municipality to facilitating housing diversity and affordability.
Metro 2040 vision
Metro Vancouver committed to assisting municipalities in the development of Housing Action Plans and to monitor and report on their success in achieving regional housing demand estimates.

Status of municipal housing action plans


Last updated October 2020

Other resources

on track
Fifteen plans have been adopted and the remainder are pending. A few municipalities are still in the process of updating older housing action plans. Tools and measures continue to be adopted.

15 municipalities

in Metro Vancouver have adopted Housing Action Plans

449 tools and measures

to promote housing affordability and diversity have been adopted by municipalities

Municipal Measures for Housing Affordability and Diversity

Type of Measure Measures adopted Pending or exploring Conditional Use of measures

Last updated October 2018

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