About Metro 2040

Metro Vancouver undertakes regional land use planning in partnership with 21 municipalities, one Electoral Area, and one Treaty First Nation. Regional land use planning strives to contain and structure the growth coming to our region, protect important lands, and ensure the efficient provision of infrastructure (i.e. utilities, transit and community amenities).

We develop and steward Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future (the regional growth strategy); advancing the strategy's goals through policy research, data analysis and by administering its various components, including processing amendments and monitoring performance.

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About this Dashboard

Metro 2040 uses four different categories of measures for each of its five goals and component strategies:

  • Key Summary Measures | Measure the impact or outcome of Metro 2040 Goals and Strategies.
  • Strategy Performance Measures | Measure the impact or outcome of Metro 2040 Strategies or specific policies and are more technical.
  • Context Measures | Data and trends to help make sense of other measures in the broader planning context.
  • Participation Measures | A reporting of what partners in implementation are doing to help realize goals and strategies.
The purpose of this website is to track the performance of those measures, and provide relevant data to partners across the region working to achieve the Metro 2040 vision.

Performance is assessed on a regular basis as new information becomes available. Symbols tell users and stakeholders the status of each measure:

  • On track | Data trends suggest we will meet the 2040 objective
  • May not be on track | Data trends suggest we may not meet the 2040 objective; action required
  • Waiting for Data | Data is being collected to assess progress
  • Observing | Data is provided to support implementation; no target or direction for this measure
The data and information on this site are tools to support municipal and regional decision-making, and document the state of our region for the leaders of the future.

This dashboard, together with the Progress toward Shaping our Future annual reports meet the requirements for regional growth strategy annual reporting in the British Columbia Local Government Act and Section G of Metro 2040.