Classroom Connections - Watershed School Tour and Youth/219033587Classroom Connections - Watershed School Tour<div class="ExternalClassC925CD9E379E4AF29450D9BD74015B5A">When your booking is confirmed in the Metro Vancouver watershed program, you’ll receive a Watershed Discovery Kit, a teacher resource package to help prepare for your outdoor adventure. Created to reflect grade 4 and 5 prescribed learning outcomes, the activities introduce students to the watershed ecosystem and fill them with a sense of wonder and excitement for the trip.</div>2190335872015-08-05T07:00:00ZGP0|#fd3cb9c5-9197-44f2-886f-efde84ff3497;L0|#0fd3cb9c5-9197-44f2-886f-efde84ff3497|Education and Youth;GTSet|#3d357c88-453e-43b3-bc55-5eb23d8a9117

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