Smog Formation in the Lower Fraser Valley Quality and Climate Change/218925373Smog Formation in the Lower Fraser Valley<div class="ExternalClass3CAFDE1C22654D7582AC410899340DB6">Smog is created when nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react together in the presence of sunlight and heat. The two primary pollutants in smog are ground-level ozone and particulate matter.</div>2189253732015-06-19T07:00:00ZGP0|#fb688520-6417-4109-9a0f-22d11e56ea3d;L0|#0fb688520-6417-4109-9a0f-22d11e56ea3d|Air Quality and Climate Change;GTSet|#3d357c88-453e-43b3-bc55-5eb23d8a9117

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