Metro Vancouver Logo and Brand Guidelines
Below you will find links to the Metro Vancouver brand book, Regional Parks brand book, and guidelines for logo use as well as our social media moderation approach. 

Consistent use of our brand elements reinforces Metro Vancouver’s visual identity and builds awareness of our organization. Recognizing our visual identity across the many aspects of our work helps residents make connections between our services. This understanding furthers our goal to protect and strengthen our livable region. 

Use of the Metro Vancouver logo must be approved by the External Relations Department and through this process we will identify what design support is needed to ensure the use of the Metro Vancouver logo is being applied correctly.

Metro Vancouver Logos

MV Default Lockup Logo CMYK vector

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MV Default Lockup Logo RGB


MV Wordmark Logo CMYK vector


MV Wordmark Logo RGB



Social Media

 Metro Vancouver Social Media Moderation Guide

Metro Vancouver Housing Social Media Moderation Guide