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​Heavy rainfall is forecast for the upcoming weekend.In preparation for this heavy rainfall, Metro Vancouver has been slowly lowering Capilano Lake to below the elevation of the Cleveland Dam spillway gate over the past few days. This morning, staff fully lowered the spillway gate and have now taken it out of service. Additional staff were put in place to monitor during this activity.To ensure park users are aware of anticipated river level changes as a result of the rain, Metro Vancouver added digital signage at key entrances to Capilano River Regional Park.  Metro Vancouver expects the spillway gate will remain out of service throughout the winter.During the winter months, the water coming from the lake will spill naturally over the spillway and into the river below. Residents and park users will continue to see fluctuations in the river levels throughout the fall and winter as a result of natural weather patterns and gradual release of water through the lower release systems in the dam.River levels can change quickly and everyone is advised to use extreme caution when accessing areas near the river.