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 Launched today, Metro Vancouver’s We Love Water campaign aims to enhance water conservation year round throughout the region by connecting to the deep appreciation people have for their water supply.Along with improved transmission and increased supply, water conservation is a major component of Metro Vancouver’s plan for ensuring there’s sufficient world-class treated drinking water for generations to come.“When it comes to water conservation, small actions really do add up,” said Darrell Mussatto, Chair of Metro Vancouver’s Utilities Committee. “It’s easy to underestimate how much water is wasted when taking long showers, leaving the taps running or hosing down our cars and driveways.”A running hose uses 900 litres in 20 minutesShortening your shower by 2 minutes can save nearly 600 litres in one monthAn hour of lawn sprinkling uses over 900 litres of waterDuring hot and dry summer months, unnecessary outdoor water uses for aesthetic purposes can cause demand to spike as high as twice the average daily amount, up to two billion litres per day.“Although Metro Vancouver spends relatively little on water conservation when compared to similar jurisdictions, our efforts have proven effective,” said Director Mussatto. “Conservation initiatives pay off big time, especially when you consider the deferred capital costs of infrastructure projects like new dams and reservoirs.”Despite the population growing by over 35,000 people each year, overall water demand has remained steady over the past decade because per capita water use has gone down. In addition to conservation initiatives, Metro Vancouver is investing about $1.5 billion of its long-range water capital plan into growth-driven projects.In Metro Vancouver, climate change is expected to result in warmer temperatures, wetter winters, drier summers and more frequent extreme weather events, along with rising sea levels.We Love Water evokes pride for the region’s pristine and vital water resource, while encouraging residents to show their appreciation by consuming it wisely.“By using a little less, and caring a little more, we can all make a big difference when it comes to our most precious resource,” added Greg Moore, Metro Vancouver Board Chair. “Water conservation simply makes sense – it’s an important part of environmental sustainability, and it’s the right thing to do.”On, you can find shareable ‘waterwise’ tips for conservation inside and outside the home. Users can contribute to an online gallery showcasing their love of water via the Twitter or Instagram hashtags #welovewaterMV and #waterwise.The campaign will also have a presence at special events and in ads on TV, radio and online. The campaign was developed based on feedback from public opinion research and focus groups.Website: Social Media: @MetroVancouver#welovewaterMV#waterwise