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​Metro Vancouver invites young people and educators from across the region to participate in the newly formed Metro Vancouver Youth and Education Advisory Panel."Metro Vancouver is committed to engaging audiences who may be impacted by or have an interest in our projects, policies, and plans," said George Harvie, chair of Metro Vancouver's Board of Directors. "Creating a Youth and Education Advisory Panel empowers youth in the region to take part in regional issues and helps us gain valuable insights from young residents as we plan for the region's future." The Youth and Education Advisory Panel will help provide a youth perspective on Metro Vancouver's programs, projects, and policies. The panel will include: Up to five representatives from a high-school-aged group (ages 13-18) Up to five representatives from a post-secondary-aged group (ages 18-25)Up to five representatives working in K-12 educationThe panel will receive and review information, and advise on topics related to the development of Metro Vancouver's projects and programs. They will be invited to pose questions, engage in discussion, and provide comments for consideration on regional issues like managing wastewater, reducing waste in the region, water conservation, taking action on climate change, plans and projects related to regional parks, delivery of K-12 programming and other regional issues. The panel will share comments and present recommendations to Metro Vancouver staff. Youth and people working in K-12 education interested in participating are asked to submit their applications by February 3, 2023 online at (search "Youth and Education Advisory Panel"). Participation is voluntary.For 40 years, Metro Vancouver has engaged young people on regional issues through K-12 school programs. For more information about the current school and youth leadership program offerings, visit