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​Metro Vancouver thanks the Province of B.C. for the new financial relief measures announced this morning by Ministers Carole James and Selina Robinson, as a positive first step in mitigating the economic hardship endured by local governments.The new measures announced today provide important financial support for local businesses, greater clarity for municipalities, and recognize the need to ensure regional districts like Metro Vancouver continue to maintain critical service levels, including the delivery of drinking water and the management of liquid and solid waste. Authorizing local governments to borrow against capital reserves and providing greater flexibility to carry debt, are good interim tools to address immediate cash-flow shortfalls resulting from delayed collection of property taxes and reduced revenue due to suspended local services.  "COVID-19 has put municipalities in an extraordinarily difficult position – unlike provincial and federal governments, we cannot run deficit budgets – forcing us to make difficult decisions with respect to balancing our budgets." said Sav Dhaliwal, Chair of the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors."While these new measures will provide greater certainty and flexibility in the short term, Metro Vancouver will continue advocating on behalf of its members for additional financial support from the B.C. and Government of Canada as COVID-19 continues to impact our communities," adds Dhaliwal.