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On January 30, 2017 the Lieutenant Governor in Council amended the Letters Patent to rename the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the Metro Vancouver Regional District. This change will help strengthen the region’s identity as an urban centre within a national and international context.Regional districts are unique to B.C., and allow local governments to band together to deliver services and coordinate planning.“We’re thrilled to officially have our name changed to Metro Vancouver Regional District,” said Metro Vancouver Chief Administrative Officer Carol Mason. “As we have grown over the years, so has our reputation globally and we want our branding and identity in the public domain to reflect that.”“Since 2007, we have been using the brand name “Metro Vancouver” for the regional federation. But the interchangeable use of both Metro Vancouver and the GVRD has caused a lot of confusion,” said Board Chair Greg Moore. “By legally becoming Metro Vancouver Regional District we can build on the success of our branding.”Last September, the Board made a new petition for the name change to Metro Vancouver, which was approved by the province through an amendment to the GVRD letters patent. An additional request to alter the Greater Vancouver Water District and Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District to become Metro Vancouver Water District and Metro Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District is pending as those changes require statutory amendments.