Lynn Headwaters Regional Park Access Road

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Access road temporarily closed to vehicles

The access road to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park has been temporarily closed to vehicle traffic, but remains open to pedestrians and cyclists.

A recent geotechnical inspection revealed the slope underlying the road is unstable and may pose a risk to public safety.

Portions of the slope are at risk of landslide.

Access to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

Access Road poster
  1. The access road on foot or bicycle: a 1.4 km long paved road to the park kiosk
  2. The Varley Trail on foot: a 1.5 km long trail through forest and along Lynn Creek to the park kiosk
  3. The Connector Trail on foot (from LSCR): a 1.3 km long trail through forest to the park kiosk


  • Limited parking available in the neighbourhood near Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Please consider taking transit to the park entrance. (go to for info)
  • Parking is available at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve; from there, it’s a 1.3 km walk to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park along the Lynn Connector Trail.
  • (tentative) Two accessible parking spots for users with mobility issues are being made available at Evelyn St.

Common Questions

Why is the road being closed now? Haven’t there been problems with it for years?

The District of North Vancouver has monitored and maintained the access road on a regular basis for years. A recent assessment by geotechnical engineers found the risks had increased to a point where regular maintenance can no longer ensure public safety.

If the access road is considered unsafe for vehicle traffic, why are you still allowing pedestrians and cyclists?

Because pedestrians and cyclists are much lighter than vehicles, their use of the road is less likely to contribute to instability of the road. As well, users will be directed to the inside shoulder of the road, away from the most vulnerable portions.

How long will the road be closed?

At the moment, we don’t know. Metro Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver both want to see the road reopen and working to find a viable, long-term solution. District of North Vancouver will continue to monitor the slope and road during this time.

What are you doing about fixing the road?

District of North Vancouver and Metro Vancouver are working together to find a solution to reopen the road to vehicle traffic. There are no easy fixes. Engineers estimate that it may cost $2 million to make the road safe.

For more information about the road closure, please contact District of North Vancouver at 604-990-2311 or visit

For more information about Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, please contact the Regional Parks West Area Office at 604-224-5739.