Leadership Clinics



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(*Note: The Leadership Clinic featured in this video was filmed in October, 2019 (Pre-COVID19).

Youth4Action Leadership Clinics are highly participatory, fun and experiential learning events focused on sustainability issues relevant to high school students across Metro Vancouver.

Leadership Clinics aim to inform, connect, empower and inspire students as leaders. Leadership Clinics welcome high school students who are passionate about influencing sustainability and livability through leadership - at school, school districts and in communities across our region.

Leadership Clinics typically feature:

  • innovative and inspirational sustainability success stories (from leaders of all ages)
  • experiential site visits and feature presentations to support awareness and knowledge about locally relevant sustainability topics, projects, priorities and opportunities to get involved
  • opportunities to gain skills, to build your network and to apply learning through collaboration and action-planning

Do you want to get involved in future Youth Leadership Clinic?

Youth4Action Leadership Clinics are often planned and delivered in collaboration with student leaders who share our passion for action, leadership and collaboration. Let us know you’d like to get involved. Attend an upcoming event or email: youth4action@metrovancouver.org