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Help shape the future of the region. Share your thoughts on innovative solutions to challenging regional issues. Join to hear new ideas and have your say.

Metro Vancouver’s Sustainability Dialogues introduce significant regional issues for dynamic discussion. Expert panelists and engaged participants provide fresh and stimulating perspectives on climate, land use, resilience and more.

Climate Action Dialogues – 2023 to 2025

Metro Vancouver’s Climate 2050 is a high-impact climate action strategy aimed at ambitious, crucial targets — community resilience, a 45% reduction in greenhouse gases generated within the region by 2030, and net-zero emissions by 2050. These Climate Action Dialogues will contribute to the strategy’s implementation by engaging residents and opinion leaders across the region in the steps and pace needed to move forward.

Economic opportunity and policy drivers (May 2023)

This session will focus on the urgency of taking climate action, and the economic opportunities that open with that action. It will explore the validity of the assertion that while ambitious climate policies have long been viewed as a drag on the Canadian economy, it is now clear that the bigger risk is moving too slowly and missing opportunities.

Dialogues are in-person in Surrey and Vancouver, May 29 and 30, noon to 1:00 pm.

The Vancouver session will be livestreamed and available at

  • Speakers

    Dr. Simon Donner, UBC, member of Canada’s Net-Zero Advisory Body

    • Dr. Simon Donner is an interdisciplinary climate scientist and professor at the University of British Columbia, where he teaches and conducts research at the intersection of climate science, marine science, and policy.

      Dr. Donner holds appointments in UBC’s Geography Department, its Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, and Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries. He is a member of Canada’s Net-Zero Advisory Body, which advises the federal government on pathways to eliminate climate-warming emissions.

      He regularly volunteers to translate climate change science for the public and policymakers via government hearings, community events, and radio and television appearances.

    Jonathan Arnold, Research Lead, Clean Growth, Canadian Climate Institute

    • Jonathan Arnold is the Research Lead of Clean Growth at the Canadian Climate Institute. He is a frequent author on clean growth, its co-benefits and policy implications, and contributor to an upcoming report on policy drivers for clean growth in Canada, along with co-authoring the Institute's 2021 report, Sink or Swim.

      Jonathan's research expertise cuts across a range of environmental and economic policy issues, including the global low-carbon energy transition, sustainable taxonomies, climate risk and finance, air pollution, and municipal water and waste. His previous roles include Senior Research Associate with Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission and Economist with Environment Canada. He also serves as vice chair of the City of North Vancouver's Integrated Transportation Committee.

    Jeanette Jackson, CEO, Foresight Canada and Board Member of Invest Vancouver

    • Jeanette Jackson is an experienced CEO and entrepreneur with broad experience in strategy, innovation, business development, marketing, and operations. As the CEO of Foresight, Jeanette has led rapid growth, transforming a regional organization into Canada’s largest cleantech accelerator. Since 2018, under her leadership, Foresight has expanded accelerator programs, built a vibrant Industry Innovation Program, and launched a sectoral approach to accelerate cleantech innovation. Jeanette is a frequent speaker, media guest, and advisor to innovators, industry, investors and government.

      Prior to joining Foresight, Jeanette was founding CEO of Light-Based Technologies, which she built into a scaling enterprise with venture capital support and a successful personal exit in 2011. As President of The Brag Company, she oversaw the complete restructuring of the business and sale of the company in just two years. As an Executive in Residence with Foresight, Jeanette advised more than 25 ventures in several markets including bio-energy, electric vehicles, smart buildings, water tech, robotics, and wind.

  • Previous Dialogue Series

    Clean Air Plan – virtual dialogues featuring current climate priorities (2021)

    Metro Vancouver’s Clean Air Plan (2021) is the regional plan for managing air quality and greenhouse gases. It includes key actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in this region, in pursuit of 2030 emissions targets. It also includes actions to reduce health harming air contaminants. This virtual dialogue series attracted 1000’s of viewers in early 2021.

  • Access presentations

    A Carbon Neutral Region by 2050: what will it take to get there? – a look at models for action and collaboration.

    Tuesday January 26, 2021


    • Conor Reynolds, Division Manager Air Quality and Climate Change Policy, Metro Vancouver - Bio
    • Morgan Braglewicz, Senior Policy & Planning Analyst, Air Quality & Climate Change Policy, Metro Vancouver - Bio

    Agriculture – a focus on climate action impacts and solutions.

    Tuesday February 2, 2021


    • John Lindner, Air Quality Planner, Air Quality and Climate Change, Metro Vancouver - Bio
    • Theresa Duynstee, Senior Planner, Regional Planning, Regional Planning & Housing Services, Metro Vancouver - Bio

    Nature & Ecosystems – a focus on adaptation, land protection, urban trees and more.

    Tuesday February 9, 2021


    • Jason Emmert, Senior Planner, Air Quality and Climate Change, Metro Vancouver - Bio
    • Edward Nichol, Regional Planner, Regional Planning & Housing Services, Metro Vancouver - Bio
    • Josephine Clark, Park Planner II, Planning & Resource Management, Regional Parks, Metro Vancouver - Bio

    Clean Energy – what’s the conversation in this region?

    Tuesday February 16, 2021


    • Conor Reynolds, Division Manager, Air Quality and Climate Change Policy, Parks and Environment, Metro Vancouver - Bio
    • Nicole Chan, Project Engineer, Air Quality & Climate Change, Parks & Environment, Metro Vancouver - Bio

    Local Government Water and Wastewater Infrastructure – innovation, climate action impacts and opportunities.

    Tuesday February 23, 2021


    • Jason Emmert, Senior Planner, Air Quality and Climate Change, Parks and Environment, Metro Vancouver - Bio
    • Jesse Montgomery, Division Manager, Environmental Management/Watershed Services, Metro Vancouver - Bio
    • Dana Zheng, Program Manager, Liquid Waste Services, Metro Vancouver - Bio

    Introducing Metro Vancouver’s Clean Air Plan – how we can reach 45% emission reductions by 2030?

    Tuesday March 9, 2021


    • Roger Quan, Director, Air Quality and Climate Change, Parks and Environment, Metro Vancouver - Bio
    • John Lindner, Air Quality Planner, Parks and Environment, Metro Vancouver - Bio

  • Metro 2050 – planning for land use and population growth (2020)

    Metro 2050 is the region’s shared vision of how projected population, housing, and job growth will be managed over the next 30 years. Metro Vancouver staff co-presented with Municipal and other community planners to explore new ideas. This series was presented throughout the region, with a full turnout at each location.

  • Access presentations
    Planning for healthy, complete communities and greenspaces, North Vancouver

    Planning for affordable housing in transit corridors, Vancouver

    Planning to integrate growth, land use and transportation, Surrey

    Planning for employment growth and transportation, TriCities

  • Climate 2050 – developing a climate strategy for the region (2019)

    Metro Vancouver’s Climate 2050 is a strategy that will guide climate change policy and action for Metro Vancouver for the next 30 years. In turn, policies set by Metro Vancouver create change for organizations, agencies and people across the region. This series attracted viewers across the region, and helped shape the Climate 2050 Strategic Framework.

  • Access presentations






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