Engaging workshops to inform, empower and inspire!

Youth4Action workshops support youth leaders and teams to take action for sustainable schools.

Youth4Action workshops:

  • Develop the awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to lead action for sustainability 
  •  Are practical, action-oriented, highly participatory and fun! 
  • Are 1 hour to 2.5 hours (flexible for school district youth leadership events) 
  • Are available on a request basis to the high school youth leadership teams (green teams, eco-clubs, etc.)

Request a Youth4Action Workshop for your youth leadership event

Identify a workshop, then complete a Youth4Action workshop request form.

Here is what you can expect to learn at Youth4Action Workshops:

  • Sustainability Leadership

    Why is leadership for sustainability needed? What do you think of when you think of a leader? There are many different types of leadership, each of which has its own set of assets in different teams and situations. This workshop explores the different types of leaders. Participants are given time to consider leadership styles with which they identify.

    The goals of this workshop are:

    • to learn about the different leadership qualities styles and what the assets of each are
    • to reflect and understand what your own natural leadership style is
    • to develop an understanding and appreciation for about leadership styles

  • Action Planning

    What issues are you or your green team most passionate about? Are you finding it difficult to turn ideas into action? You and your team are not alone! Regardless of your priorities, whether it be waste reduction, raising general awareness about environmental sustainability in schools, or promoting healthy lifestyles – it’s often difficult to translate passion and good ideas into tangible actions! This workshop aims to build that bridge by providing effective tools, tips and tricks to support successful action planning for green teams, events, campaigns or other action projects.

    The goals of this workshop are:

    • to provide ideas and tools for successful and strategic action planning
    • to identify key tips for increasing project longevity and sustainability
    • to learn how to create a vision, set SMART goals and create a project timeline
    • to build an understanding of the process of organizing an event or campaign
    • to empower participants to take action

  • Systems Thinking

    Can one decision or one change really make a difference in the grand scheme of things? Systems thinking is a skill (process) for understanding how things influence one another. Rather than thinking about our world as being made up of individual things, we instead look at it as a complex web of interconnected elements. Through this workshop, students will not only learn about the concept and process of systems thinking, but will get the opportunity to apply this thinking to real-life issues and see why this sort of framing is important for sustainability action projects.

    The goals of this workshop are:

    • to understand the complexity of systems and what the components of a system are
    • to understand the interconnected nature of a system.
    • to apply systems thinking to real situations to inform decision making and leadership challenges

  • Team Building / Management

    Working in the realm of sustainability takes collaboration and teamwork to navigate the challenges and opportunities. How can we make teams more effective? How can we build positive, inclusive, fun and purposeful teams? This workshop explores strategies to harness a team’s strengths and provide helpful tips for building strong and connected teams together to take action.

    The goals of this workshop are:

    • to identify what makes a great team and how to build those characteristics within a team environment
    • to understand how to delegate, divide tasks and navigate team leadership
    • to build a set of team-building and meeting facilitation skills

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