Youth and Education Advisory Panel

​Youth and Education Advisory Panel – Your Opinion Counts

Metro Vancouver invites youth and educators from across the region to apply to participate in a newly formed Youth and Education Advisory Panel.

Metro Vancouver’s Youth and Education Advisory Panel will provide input, advice, and ideas to take into consideration as we plan for the region’s future. This panel will support Metro Vancouver to engage, educate, involve, and empower youth in the region. The panel will meet four times per year. Meetings will be held on weekdays, outside of school hours. In-person meetings will be held at Metro Vancouver’s head office (4515 Central Boulevard, Burnaby). Virtual meetings will be held via a web-conference platform.

Youth and Education Advisory Panel Membership:

This panel will include high school students, post-secondary students, and K-12 education professionals who will provide valuable input to Metro Vancouver, helping shape programs, projects, and policies. This group will include:

  • Up to five representatives from a high-school aged group (youth aged 13-18)
  • Up to five representatives from a post-secondary aged group (youth aged 18-25)
  • Up to five representatives working in K-12 education

Panel members will be invited to pose questions, engage in discussion, and provide comments for consideration on topics related to the development of Metro Vancouver’s projects, plans, and programs.

Potential topics for engagement with the committee include the liquid waste management plan, the solid waste management plan, the drinking water management plan, water conservation initiatives, Climate 2050, air quality programs, regional planning, regional parks, and development and delivery of programming for K-12 students across all Metro Vancouver service areas.

The panel will share comments and present recommendations to Metro Vancouver staff. Participation is voluntary.

Apply to participate in Metro Vancouver’s Youth and Education Advisory Panel – Deadline February 3, 2023.

Advisory Panel Application Form

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