Food for Thought

Food for Thought: Exploring Agriculture and Sustainability in Metro Vancouver

How does agriculture play an important role in the daily lives of Metro Vancouver residents?

To support student inquiry and learning about the relationship between agriculture, the environment, the economy, society and the daily lives of students, Metro Vancouver and BC Agriculture in the Classroom produced the Food for Thought: Exploring Agriculture and Sustainability (A Teacher Resource Guide). 

Food for Thought provides practical lesson plans to accompany the following agriculture and sustainability related videos.

BC Agriculture in the Classroom videos:

Feeding Frenzy

How is our food produced, distributed and marketed in British Columbia?

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

What does your dinner have to do with politics, technology and science?

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The Sustainability Road Show

How are sustainable practices used in the production of our food?

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Metro Vancouver videos:

Agriculture (Food System) Overview

How does a growing and changing region present challenges to farms and farmers?

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History of Agriculture

What is the relationship between agriculture and culture? How has this relationship changed over time?

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*Barnston Island

How has the Agricultural Land Reserve played an important role in protecting farmland on Barnston Island?

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Glen Valley Organic Farm

What is an organic co-op farm? How does it work? How does Glen Valley Organic Farm practice sustainable agriculture?

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Field to Fork

What technology and processes are used to produce eggs and berries?

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Wildlife Habitat Conservation & Farms (Hazelton Coop Farm)

What role do farms play in preserving habitat and biodiversity?

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More Agriculture (Food Systems) Videos:

Regional Food Systems

Why is the Regional Food System Strategy important to the future of the region?

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