K-12 Curriculum Connections

The K-12 Curriculum in B.C. has been dramatically redesigned in recent years and Metro Vancouver School and Youth Leadership Programs have been responding. Some notable changes include:

  • Sustainability and place-based learning are core foundations of the new K-12 curriculum in B.C.
  • Teachers now have more opportunity to embrace community and place-based learning environments beyond the classroom.
  • Greater focus on the development of Core Competencies, personal, social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to be active citizens.

Metro Vancouver provides curriculum-connected resources, programs, professional development and other learning opportunities strongly focused on place and sustainability priorities to develop competencies for active citizenship.

Click on the links below for an overview of K-12 curriculum connections and resources related to each Metro Vancouver focus area.


Download K-12 Curriculum Map – Water
Visit K-12 Resources - Water

Solid Waste

Download K-12 Curriculum Map – Solid Waste
Visit K-12 Resources - Solid Waste


Download K-12 Curriculum Map – Wastewater
Visit K-12 Resources - Wastewater

Climate Change

Download K-12 Curriculum Map – Climate Change
Visit K-12 Resources - Climate Change

Air Quality

Download K-12 Curriculum Map – Air Quality
Visit K-12 Resources - Air Quality

Regional Planning

Download K-12 Curriculum Map – Regional Planning

Ecological Health

Download K-12 Curriculum Map – Ecological Health