Wastewater Treatment Plant – School Tours

NOTE: Facility tours have been suspended until Fall 2022. Available dates for Fall 2022 tour requests will be posted by September 2022.

​What happens when you flush? Where does your wastewater go?  How does it get there? How can our region’s waterways be protected?




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Through waste water treatment facility tours, grade 5 to 12 students discover the story of wastewater collection and treatment. This behind the scenes tour experience at one of Metro Vancouver’s five wastewater treatment plants provides and unforgettable learning experience for all students.


A limited number of wastewater treatment facility tours are available for school groups at:

Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (Richmond, B.C.)

The Lulu Island wastewater treatment plant, located in Richmond, treats 26 billion litres of wastewater annually. The plant provides secondary treatment to wastewater from about 172,000 residents in the western part of Richmond.

Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant (West Vancouver, B.C.)

The Lion’s Gate wastewater treatment plant, located under the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver treats 32 billion liters of wastewater annually. The plant provides primary treatment to wastewater from about 180,000 residents in the District of West Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver, and the District of North Vancouver.

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Tours are provided at no-charge (to groups who meet these criteria).

  1. Tours are available for grade 5 to 12 classes only
  2. Requests must be submitted at least one month prior to the requested tour date
  3. Tours are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting at 9:45 am or 12:30 pm. (Please see below list for available dates and times.)
  4. Maximum class size is 32 students (2 groups of 16)
  5. All participants must adhere to safety requirements, including:
    - long pants and long sleeve shirts are required
    - close-toed shoes are required (high heels are not permitted)
    - must wear personal protective gear (hard hats and safety vests are provided)
  6. It is not possible for classes to remain onsite post-tour (for lunch or for other post-tour activities).
  7. Transportation is not provided by Metro Vancouver (arrangements must be made by the teacher requesting this tour)


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