Waste-To-Energy – School Tours

NOTE: Facility tours have been suspended until Fall 2022. Available dates for Fall 2022 tour requests will be posted by September 2022.

​Where does your garbage go? How does it get there? How can we reduce waste at home and at school? How can we achieve Zero Waste?




Metro Vancouver's Waste-to-Energy FacilityMetro Vancouver's Waste-to-Energy Facility217344614

On this engaging tour, students will explore how this unique facility works. Discover how 25 per cent of Metro Vancouver’s garbage (280,000 tonnes) is turned into enough electricity to power 15,000 homes each year!


The Metro Vancouver Waste-to-Energy facility is located at 5150 Riverbend Drive, Burnaby.


Waste-to-Energy Facility tours are provided at no-charge. (See below requirements) 


  1. The WTE Facility School Tours are available for grade 5 to 12 classes (no exceptions).
  2. Tours duration is 1.5 to two hours
  3. Maximum class size permitted is 32 students (2 groups of 16)
  4. School tours are available at set times on select Wednesday's & Thursday's 
    - 9:45 am (tour ends at 12 noon)
    - 12:30 pm (and ends by 2:15 pm)
  5. Each Student Participant must complete the Metro Vancouver Facility Tour – Informed Consent Form (For Minors age 18 or younger) (Forms will be provided when a WTE Facility tour is booked.)
  6. Each Adult Participant must complete the Metro Vancouver Facility Tour Waiver-Liability Release Form (Forms will be provided when a WTE Facility tour is booked.)
  7. Transportation arrangements must be made by the teacher/school (not Metro Vancouver)
  8. All participants must adhere to the rules which requires all participants to:
    • wear long pants and long sleeve shirts and closed-toe shoes
    • use safety equipment such as helmets, safety vests, and eye protection (provided)
    • adhere to all site specific safety instructions provided by the Facility Tour Leader

Signed in agreement to the above terms of this Informed Consent Form.

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